Planning a bathroom renovation in White Rock or South Surrey this year, there are some structural issues to consider and how to avoid them.

Get the Structural Issues Right with your Bathroom Renovation or Remodeling

Why spend the money on a new bathroom renovation or remodeling your existing bathroom unless you insure that you are on the safe structural ground? If you don’t start with solid walls and floors, all the latest amenities won’t save you from a structural problem that keeps on giving long after your account runs dry.

  1. Be sure you look for cracks or bulges, and maybe sloping floors to determine if there is a deterioration – perhaps leaking from the roof, or infestations you need to know about.
  2. Do you know what walls are load-bearing walls in your home? IF you are suggesting a change to load-bearing walls, you need to ensure the safety of the idea before you proceed.
  3. Does your existing construction allow for the installation of the new kinds of windows available, the plumbing or ducts and perhaps grab bars? IF your renovation is happening 10 years after your last bathroom upgrade, be advised there are many significant changes in equipment and requirements.
  4. Do you feel the draft? If you are freezing during your morning rituals in the winter or feel a nice draft of cool air while bathing in the summer – you need to do a good check on your exterior walls.

Walls in need of structural change can and do collapse under the strain of new materials or construction.

Before you remodel – call the professionals. At a minimum have an inspector do a through investigation of your home. Call MC Painting and Reno for a free consultation. We have been remodeling bathrooms for over 25 years. We have a Grade A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Therefore we have created beautiful bathrooms for your neighbors, and we are here to help. Call today – there is no risk in getting a free consultation.

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