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Small Renovation Projects

Need renovation ideas? This blog will take you through the most basic projects people decide to complete during a renovation.

Update Your Flooring.
Flooring is very easy to change and is a quick solution to giving your rooms a new feel. Even if you decide on a small change such as the type of wood you use for your flooring, it will change the way you and your guests perceive a room. Keep in mind what the room will be used for before choosing the flooring, for example, you might want carpet in a nursery or easy to clean wood floors in the kitchen.

Change Out Your Lights!
Tired of your existing lights? Change them our for brand new ones and keep up to date with the lighting styles. Nowadays, recessed lighting is a very popular choice as paired with ambient lighting makes for a very elegant solution, not taking up much wall or floor real estate. Be sure to have a professional electrician to install new lighting systems as they need to be compatible with your old wiring!

Cover Old Radiators.
Should you have an older house with exposed radiators, consider covering them up as they may be unsightly. Adding a faux cover on the other side of the room will provide you with a neat symmetrical look for your room.

Replace Kitchen Counter-tops and add an Island.
Counter-tops have the ability to add the most personality to a kitchen. You have the option of only changing the counter-top instead of all the cabinets too for a completely different feeling. There are a plethora of options available for counter-tops. Here are House and Home’s pros and cons for some of the most popular choices.

Should you have the space when renovating, considering adding an island to your kitchen space. It is a practical addition and serves as a good place for guests to congregate.

This should be enough to get you started on some small impactful renovation projects around your house!

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