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Popular Bathroom Reno Ideas

Sometimes, people need inspiration to keep up with the times. Styles ideas for bathroom renos on their homes. Below are a couple of trends about popular bathroom reno ideas that we’ve noticed people incorporating into their own designs and homes.

1. Exotic Finishes Bathroom Reno

Many people use elegant finishes on their tiles to make their bathroom interesting and unique. For example, take a look at this picture of bathroom tiles in use!

Bathrrom Reno idea with exotic finish tiles

2. Drawer within a Drawer

To keep everything organized and easy to find, many people have a sub drawer within a bigger drawer. This also keeps the outside aesthetically appealing with the need for only 1 handle.

drawer in a drawer

3. Rain Shower Heads

More and more clients request rain heads in their showers. Because they are different and unique. Toto’s new Aero Rain shower head conserves water. By also drawing in air and using that to enlarge the droplets of water for better coverage with less water.

Rain Shower Head

4. Dekton Surfaces

Dekton is a new and high end surface material which can be used anywhere. Outside/inside, for floors, facades, and counters. Because it’s also stain proof too, alongside being highly heat and scratch resistant. Which makes it a compelling option for many renovations nowadays.

5. Neat Hardware

Consider integrating non-common knobs, handles, and other hardware in your bathroom to spice things up. Because things like geometrically patterned handles for drawers will always be a conversation starter. Cause they will set your home apart from the rest.

Think about a Bathroom Reno

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