Projecting your bathroom renovation cost often depends on how many items you are replacing and who’s doing the work. This article will cover some important things to consider for an estimate of your bathroom renovation cost. So including the following costs: new tile flooring, labour, plumbing and electrical and costs of fixtures and appliances.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Types

Consider the 4 things below about bathroom renovation costs

1. Cost of New Tile Flooring

First, the most common parts of a bathroom remodel is removing the old flooring and installing new tiles. The biggest factor of this project will be the flooring itself, which can vary wildly in price. The most expensive materials are typically natural stone tiles and upscale porcelain tiles. The cheapest options will be laminate, vinyl or budget ceramic tiles. Don’t forget to think about a Subfloor heating system.

2. Cost of Labour

As a general rule: most people expect that the labour for a remodel will cost roughly twice as much as the materials did. This is not a hard and fast rule, but the numbers generally support the claim. A bathroom renovation project will cost you around twice as much as the materials

Source: Bathroom Remodel

3. Cost of Plumbing and Electrical

You can make moderate adjustments to the plumbing. Like moving the faucets or shower, but the toilet will likely stay in the relatively same spot. Making a major adjustment, moving the toilet, for example, would be a substantial change, as the toilet drainage is the major artery of the bathroom. Moving a toilet means having to change the shower/tub drain and faucet locations.

You can make up for the stock materials by putting more focus on the accessories. Splurge on a nice light fixture or cabinet hardware.  Source: Houzz

4. Cost of Fixtures and Appliances

Replacing any of your current fixtures and appliances in the bathroom– countertops, bathtub, toilet, sink, etc. So this will increase the bathroom renovation cost because the professionals will need to remove the originals and install the new ones.___ You can save money by refinishing some of the appliances or by doing some of the demolition yourself.

Remember: you don’t have to include all items in your bathroom renovation unless you’re building a whole new bathroom from scratch. You always have the option to add some pieces–sink, toilet and lighting fixtures–after you’ve done the bigger projects to spread out costs.

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