Bathroom Renovation White Rock:

Regardless of the style of finishing’s your looking for our team of professionals can deliver your vision every time.. The bathroom above was designed to give the client an “open” feeling while still having some warmth with the tile color and layout. Note the modern accessories against a traditional tile. A Very classy bathroom renovation in White Rock

Thinking about bathroom renovation in White Rock, Surrey?

Consider these bathroom renovation facts. Design, Ttles and equipment will make the difference.

Bathroom Renovation Design

Bathroom Renovation drawing design inspiration from nature is a great way. Cause it will infuse the space with a restful vibe. An uncomplicated way to incorporate this reno trend into a bathroom design is to introduce earthy materials like natural stone tiles. More about bathroom renovations design trends you can read in our blog 4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends.

Bathroom Renovation Tiles

Bathroom tiles inspired by Mediterranean countries like Spain or Morocco look elegantly. Enjoy the warm ambient of natural stone tiles or a combination of hand-painted terra cotta with modern metallic. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are going to be big sellers in the days ahead. Find more about Bathroom tiles in our Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile.

Bathroom Renovation equipment

Increase the ambiance in your bathing area by installing backlighting around a mirror. Because it will provide soft, warm lighting. Toe-kick lighting underneath cabinets serves as a handy nightlight

Heated floors are definitely an added luxury and cheaper than you think. Installing heated floors is a life changer in cold climates and a great selling point for those considering listing a home. All questions about heated floors you’ll get answered  in subfloor heating.

Let a Qualified Bathroom Renovation Company Assist You

Call us for more tips or assistance with your bathroom project or renovation so your dream bathroom will come true. M.C. Painting & Renovation is a leader in all kinds of renovations in South Surrey and White Rock, contact us here!

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