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Top 10 Must Do’s for Renovating Your Bathroom!

1. Test your bathtub before buying.

No, we don’t mean take a bath in it, just sit in a bathtub before you buy it. Bigger doesn’t mean better with bathtubs. Make sure your feet are comfortable in footholds so you don’t float when it’s full. Also, when sitting, make sure the curve suits your back and your neck rests comfortably. Remember, two person tubs have taps in the middle and have slants at both ends!

2. Choose durable flooring.

If you choose to have subfloor heating coils, go with marble or stone flooring as the heat will spread nicely and keep your floor toasty. These hard surfaces will also be highly water resistant. Well sealed wood floors will provide natural warmth.

3. Select elegant fixtures.

Find tubs and sinks that will help you feel comfortable and look good in the bathroom. Pedestal sinks with beautiful lines and clawfoot tubs can look great.

4. Hang a stylish mirror.

A well framed mirror above your sink will look better than just lots of surfaces covered by mirror. Adding a lighted vanity mirror mounted on the wall is also a good choice.

5. Make use of all the space.

Often, bathrooms will have wall studs that jut out and leave a perfect indent for a storage cabinet. Choose a tall cabinet to maximize storage space while leaving the smallest footprint it can on the floor. Make sure the door opens flush with a wall!

6. Build a shower area.

An open concept shower area without a shower curtain or a door will offer you more freedom and help you feel less trapped when taking a shower. This is achievable by choosing a wall mounted or ceiling mounted showerhead location that minimizes spray and using well designed drainage.

7. Select and place good lighting.

Great lighting in a bathroom is a must. Make sure to combine ceiling lights with ones at eye level in front of a mirror to have no shadows. A heat lamp outside the shower to help you dry off without being cold is also a good idea.

8. Purchase a good toilet.

There’s no need to break the bank with a toilet purchase, but buying a high quality toilet will ensure you less hassle in the future and offer more comfort often by implementing elongated bowls and seats.

9. Share space!

If you do not have that much space to work with in your house, consider having back to back bathrooms in a house share a shower area or have them lead into each other with a shared cabinet space in the middle. This will ease the burden of limited space.

10. Make your bathroom space feel luxurious!

If it is within your budget money wise and space wise, consider turning your bathroom into a mini spa area with a dressing room, chairs, a television, and maybe even a fireplace! This will turn your bathroom into a haven for privacy and relaxation.
We hope that this has helped you out and inspired your bathroom design ideas!

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