Regardless of the style of finishing you are looking in your bathroom renovation, our team of professionals can deliver your vision every time. Our layouts and designs give the client an “open” feeling while still having warmth with their choice’s tile colour and layout.

Thinking about a Bathroom Renovation in White Rock, Surrey?

Choosing to renovate your bathroom can make a huge difference to your space and how it makes you feel. This blog post will cover some facts about bathroom renovations, such as design, tiles, and equipment. We will also give you some ideas about bathtubs and how to choose them and tips on saving money while renovating. We hope this gives you the inspiration for your next bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Renovation Design

Bathroom Renovation design inspired by nature is a great way to move forward. This will infuse the space with a restful vibe. An uncomplicated way to incorporate this reno trend into a bathroom design is to introduce earthy materials like natural stone tiles. More about bathroom renovations design trends you can be read in our blog, Bathroom Remodelling Guide

Bathroom Renovation Tiles

Bathroom tiles inspired by Mediterranean countries like Spain or Morocco look elegant. Enjoy the warm ambience of natural stone tiles or a combination of hand-painted terra cotta with modern metallic. Simple modern palettes are also a great new trend in west coast design. Find more about Bathroom tiles in Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile.

Bathroom Renovation Equipment

Increase the ambience in your bathing area by installing backlighting around a mirror. This will provide soft, warm lighting. Toe-kick lighting underneath cabinets serves as a handy nightlight as well.

Heated floors are an added luxury and cheaper than you think. Installing heated floors is a life changer in cold climates and a great selling point for those considering listing a home. All questions about heated floors you’ll get answered in our blog about “Bathroom Remodeling Guide”.

Bathroom with a View

Most of us can only dream about a bathroom with a view. However, it’s not impossible. Here are some ways it can be done:

Turning the walk-in closet into the bathroom

Our next bathroom project was unique. Originally, the homeowners wanted to renovate their old en-suite bathroom. The idea of a stand-alone tub was the allure. Unfortunately, the existing space wasn’t big enough to allow the installation of a freestanding tub. So, we got creative by turning a walk-in closet into the bathroom of their dream. The space originated as one of two walk-in closets off their master bedroom. The idea of creating a view tub bathroom was born by already having a very large floor-to-ceiling marine-grade window!

Running all the required plumbing

Before anything else, the entire room had to be completely demolished. Luckily, the area was located over a crawl space, making running all of the required plumbing from the adjacent bathroom possible. However, not that intricate of a job, meaning it didn’t require wall removal or major re-building; it did require some imagination!

Sole purpose: bathing with a view

This beautiful new bathroom is sparsely furnished. Therefore a few shelves and a throw towel hanger give it the look of its sole purpose: bathing with a view. Furthermore, a stunning Acritec freestanding tub with a Riobel water supply system was installed. Finally, a wall-mounted Kohler sink and faucet complete the ambience.

A bolder rural look

To create a bolder rural look, the tile was laid unusually. Additionally, white grout gave said tile an extra rural log cabin feel. The open glass window was not an issue as the property is quite pastoral and very private. However, the homeowner is contemplating a one-way glass replacement or privacy retractable blind in the future. Thinking outside the box created this beautiful space. If you have a project in mind that might seem impossible, let us help you find a solution.

Tips to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodelling

Thinking about how to give your bathroom a new look and save money on your bathroom remodelling without flushing any funds? Check out these tips to save money during your bathroom remodelling process.

Consider Open Shelves

A bathroom is a private place, but open shelves can create the illusion of space in smaller square footage and with a less weighty wallet hit than full cabinets. A few drawers or covered baskets on high shelves can house your private items. This way, your colourful towels, pretty soaps, washes, and other bathroom decor don’t have to hide in a closet any longer.

Consider Relining / Re-glazing or Replacing

Older sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers can be inexpensively updated with a process called relining or re-glazing. Sometimes a colour that was fantastic a few years ago becomes outdated. Having it re-glazed is less expensive than replacing it outright. Here you’ll find more tips about bathtub repairs. This usually requires a professional bathroom remodelling contractor to complete the job and takes several days, but for a few hundred dollars, it will make a world of difference.

Modern Bathroom Renovation

Your renovation contractor’s creative thinking and extensive design experience will fulfil your dream of a modern bathroom. All bathroom spaces are unique. In the bathroom above, the area was the biggest concern. To achieve a more open feel, we wall-mounted the toilet bowl and the sink to save space. The white tile and recessed storage also add to this effect, resulting in a small bathroom that looks and feels very spacious.

Renovating can save the environment

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t just make your home feel and look more modern but can also help save the environment. Accordingly, simple steps taken by your contractor, like including more energy-efficient fixtures, will make you use less water and electricity, saving you money and helping planet earth in a small but meaningful way!

Experienced trades professionals are essential

Any reputable contractor knows that modernizing your bathroom requires the services of many experienced trade professionals. Most bathroom renovations require plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tilers, and painters. Even flooring and waterproofing specialists will be included in some more intricate cases. Finding a contractor who can provide all of the necessary specialized services is key. Hence, a smooth-running, efficient and timely bathroom renovation depends on it. Consider hiring a professional team with no trouble integrating all of these aspects – you’ll save time and money!

Accommodate every family member

An important aspect of modernizing your bathroom is accommodating all your family members. Not everyone can easily “jump” in and out of the shower or the bathtub. Especially for the elderly or disabled, a bathroom can be an intimidating and downright dangerous space. Therefore, we recommend always customizing to everyone’s specific needs. A good bathroom designer and contractor is crucial to help you integrate the extensively available accessories. Consequently, this will not just provide the comfort of everybody but also create a stylish yet safe bathroom environment.

Choosing a New Bathtub During Bathroom Renovations

Before you pick your new bathtub for your bathroom renovations, you need to consider a few key ideas:

  1. Do I have spatial considerations? Is there room for the tub of your dreams?
  2. Which comfort considerations do I have? Do I want a spa experience, a jacuzzi experience, and armrests for reading or is this just a family all-purpose bathtub?
  3. Are there any safety considerations? Are there physical requirements for yourself or members of your household that would require specific tubs with steps or extra size – may be some room for navigating a wheelchair, or safety for elderly people not as steady on their feet?

Different Kinds of Bathtubs

Know your inventory. You can find bathtubs around these categories: Standard bathtubs for space economy and price, whirlpool-like tubs for sore muscles, soaker tubs for a deep drop and plenty of room to hibernate with a good book, and step-in tubs for easier access to and from the bath.

→ Be sure actually to sit in the bathtub before you buy. See if it’s long, wide, or deep enough for your needs. The slant behind your back needs to feel comfortable too! Armrests as well!

Bathtub Construction

Bathtubs are made of several different types of materials. There is crushed marble, but it’s not necessarily the most durable cast iron (think vintage soaker tub!), fibreglass, acrylic, gel coat, enamel and even wood. Be sure to get fully informed before buying. Find all additional features you may want before you say ok to the final tub selection. Some people want a sound system installed, some a heater system, and you may want chroma-therapy (light). Whatever your choices, you need to know your options and the cost factor to stay on track and within your budget.

Common Bathtub designs

Choosing bathtubs can be confusing with the plethora of options to choose from. Luckily, there are several common bathtub designs, including drop-in, corner, freestanding, whirlpool and alcove bathtubs.

1. Drop-in Bathtub

The drop-in bathtub is the tub shell only. These tubs are one of the most common basic types, fitted inside a framed enclosure that is finished to match the bathroom cabinetry or tile. A framed enclosure is a separate constructed item, so budget accordingly.

2. Corner Bathtub

The corner bathtub is triangular and is designed to fit into a corner like a wedge. These types of tubs may be a good solution when space is limited, and a regularly shaped tub isn’t practical. Corner tubs are often enhanced with air jets, turning them into whirlpool baths.

3. Freestanding Bathtub

As the name implies, a freestanding bathtub is not built on the floor or enclosed by sides. But are simple bathtubs standing on four legs or a solid base. The taps or faucets are generally mounted up from the floor or on the tub itself and may even be mounted on the wall. Therefore, these bathtubs are usually made out of cast iron, porcelain, or acrylic. As a rule, a freestanding tub will be substantially more expensive due to its fully exposed finish and the exposed custom plumbing required to service it.

4. Whirlpool Bathtub

Whirlpool tubs and air tubs offer a therapeutic bath by shooting water and air bubbles into the tub at strategic locations to give you the sensation of a massage. The difference between a whirlpool and an air tub is that the whirlpool bathtub injects water into the tub, stirring the water. In contrast, an air tub pushes air through its plumbing system into the water, creating thousands of bubbles that invigorate it.

5. Alcove Bathtub

The alcove tub is the kind we all know, and many of us may have grown up with an Alcove tub that fits into a three-walled enclosure space. When the walls are tiled or fitted with panels, the enclosure can be used for a tub/shower combination. Therefore the alcove bathtub is all about maximizing your space: it’s the tub with the smallest footprint. The standard length for an alcove tub is 60 inches but can range from 53 to 72 inches.

Let a Qualified Bathroom Renovation Company Assist You

We hope this blog assists you in your bathroom renovation process and as always, call us for more tips or assistance with your bathroom project or renovation so your dreams can come true. M.C. Renovation & Painting is a leader in all kinds of renovations in South Surrey and White Rock,

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