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When Your Bathroom Renovations are a Bathtub Repair

 There is a wide variety of options for your bathtub updates when doing bathroom renovations.  Before we address a bathroom remodel, let’s look at one of the simple solutions, if the tub is the eyesore and main point of contention.

Bathtub Touch-Ups

If you love your bathroom, the layout, the tile, the colour, but hate your bathtub you don’t have to demolish and start over.  You can just update the bathtub if you like.

Two basic options are a bathtub refinish, and a more costly option, the new bathtub liner.

Refinishing your Bathtub

If you need to refinish, you may need repairs and you need to be careful of the toxic elements.  Be sure to protect yourself with goggles, protective clothing, gloves and a respirator.  These repair kits can be found at places online, (look up bathtub repair kit Canada) or hardware stores like Home Hardware.

After the repairs, you will need to paint the tub, and it usually takes several coats.  Fortunately, although now quite as durable as the initial coat, these paints are a decent option.

Of course, if you choose, you can hire someone to do the work for you.

Relining the Bathtub

Still cheaper than a remodel yet a more costly option than a refinish is to apply a new liner on the bathtub.  You will need a contractor to measure and cut the liner for an exact fit but the bathtub will look brand new when it’s done.  You can choose from colours to match the existing décor of your bathroom.  You can search shopzilla.com for some of the existing price options.


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