A renovated bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. Not only do Bathroom Renovations go a long way toward improving the quality of your life, but great ones are also pleasing to the eye and a great home renovation investment. However, Bathroom Renovations can cause you a headache, from time to money and effort, it’s no easy task. That’s exactly what this blog is for! This blog covers some pro tips to help you plan and carry out an excellent bathroom renovation while always being a step ahead of the game. These tips will include important aspects such as choosing a contractor and setting a budget and some more general tips.

Pre-Renovation Planning

Because bathrooms are one of the most complicated rooms to renovate in your home, planning before starting your project is key to a successful renovation. Here are a couple of things to think about regarding Pre-Renovation Planning.

1. Bathroom Layout

First, you need to consider the layout of your bathroom and what you can or cannot change. For example, you may be able to add a skylight but find it impossible to add another doorway as the way your house was built may not allow such a thing to be done. Regarding bathroom layouts, think twice before changing the location of the bathroom basics, such as the toilet, shower, or bath. Because you will have to hire a trained plumber to work at their hourly rate to adjust the piping accordingly behind the walls. It could save you quite a bit if you consider only upgrading existing fixtures.

2. Planning Bathroom Pre-Renovation ahead of time

Another thing to plan out ahead of time (especially if you only have 1 main bathroom in your home) is what you’re going to do when you can’t use your bathroom. Perhaps, you’ve made arrangements with your neighbour or agreed to shower at a friend’s house. Consider how the whole process will affect your everyday life for that time. Consider things like people entering and being in your house, making noise or working on your bathroom. You may want not to schedule activities for which you would need peace during their working hours.

Professionals, you may need

Consulting the right professionals will save you time and trouble and guarantee the job is well done! Here’s a list of professionals you may need for your bathroom renovation:

  • Architect, builder or interior designer
  • Integrated bathroom renovation service, project manager, builder
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Carpenter
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Tiler/renderer/flooring specialist
  • Painter

Selecting a Bathroom Renovation Contractor

Selecting a bathroom renovation Contractor who will complete every task on your “To Do” list is often essential. Whether it’s time to remodel your bathroom or make a few repairs, M.C. Painting & Renovation’s professional staff strives to please you. Successfully, we manage all remodel and repair projects to deliver the highest quality products for the most reasonable cost possible. Our solid reputation as a leading local bathroom renovation contractor speaks for itself. Here are six aspects to consider when searching for a Contractor.

1. Ask for Referrals

Remember, you should always ask for referrals first. Especially your friends, families, and coworkers should be asked to see their experiences with their contractors. Likely, they will be very willing to share positive and negative experiences. In particular bad experience with a specific company is important. Obviously, referrals are one of the best ways to narrow your list of potential contractors.

2. Fully Licensed and Insured

Without a doubt, it is essential to look at the credentials of any contractor you are considering hiring. A reputable builder must be fully licensed and insured in the city where they work.

3. Getting Bathroom Renovations Quotes

Frankly, we recommend getting quotes from a few of your top renovation contractor choices. Start by being clear about what you want to do with your bathroom. Explaining your preferred look and feel can be very useful and constructive. The cheapest quote might not necessarily be the best. More often than not, you will get exactly what you pay for.

4. Your Ideas and Vision

Professional design services, such as turning your ideas and visions into reality at an extremely competitive cost, are readily provided by us. As plans and selections are finished, a detailed proposal will be presented and explained to your satisfaction before moving forward.

5. Understanding and Appreciating Budgets

Continuously, we at M. C. Painting & Renovation specialize in understanding and appreciating budgets. Bear in mind that we can explore numerous options with you with years of experience and countless successful projects under our belts. Other cost-effective alternatives to a full bathroom renovation can be easily explained to you by our professional staff. Commodities such as updating existing cabinets with new doors and finishes or replacing countertops and lighting are among those options.

6. Complete Remodel

Needless to say, M.C. Painting & Renovation is fully prepared and equipped for your project if you choose a complete remodel. This includes all aspects of bathroom renovation like structural work to expand your space or installing new cabinets. Evidently, we will see you through every aspect of your complete remodel. In fact, we will carry out lighting, plumbing with fixtures, flooring, ceramic or stone tile showers and tub surrounds, glass shower enclosures and paint. Once again, M.C. Painting & Renovation is happy to help you, from faucet replacement to a complete remodel.

Renovation Cost Estimate

It’s undeniable that estimating the cost of renovation is one of the most important things to do before beginning your project. Unfortunately, it can be a bit challenging to project your bathroom renovation cost as it often depends on how many items you are replacing and who’s doing the work. This article will cover four important things to consider for an estimate of your bathroom renovation cost, including new tile flooring, labour, plumbing and electrical and costs of fixtures and appliances.

1. Cost of New Tile Flooring

First, the most common parts of a bathroom remodel is removing the old flooring and installing new tiles. The biggest factor of this project will be the flooring itself, which can wildly vary in price. The most expensive materials are typically natural stone tiles and upscale porcelain tiles. The cheapest options will be laminate, vinyl, or budget ceramic tiles. Don’t forget to think about a subfloor heating system.

2. Cost of Labour

As a general rule: most people expect that the labour for a remodel will cost roughly twice as much as the materials did. This is not a hard and fast rule, but the numbers generally support the claim. A bathroom renovation project will cost you around twice as much as the materials.

3. Cost of Plumbing and Electrical

You can make moderate adjustments to the plumbing. Like moving the faucets or shower, the toilet will likely stay in the same spot. Making a major adjustment like moving the toilet, for example, would be a substantial change, as toilet drainage is the major artery of the bathroom. Moving a toilet means changing the shower/tub drain and faucet locations. You can compensate for the stock materials by focusing more on the accessories. Splurge on a nice light fixture or cabinet hardware.

4. Cost of Fixtures and Appliances

Replacing any of your current fixtures and appliances in the bathroom– countertops, bathtub, toilet, sink, etc. will increase the bathroom renovation cost because the professionals will need to remove the originals and install the new ones. You can save money by refinishing some of the appliances or doing some demolition yourself. Remember: you don’t have to include all items in your bathroom renovation unless you’re building a whole new bathroom from scratch. You always have the option to add some pieces–sink, toilet and lighting fixtures–after you’ve done the bigger projects to spread out the cost.

Avoid Structural Issues in Bathroom Renovations

Why spend the money on a new bathroom renovation or remodelling your existing bathroom unless you ensure that you are on safe structural ground? If you don’t start with solid walls and floors, all the latest amenities won’t save you from a structural problem that keeps giving up long after your account runs dry. Here are some structural issues to consider and how to avoid them:

  1. Be sure you look for cracks or bulges and maybe sloping floors to determine if there is a deterioration – perhaps leaking from the roof or infestations you need to know about.
  2. Know what walls load-bearing walls are in your home. If you suggest a change to load-bearing walls, you must ensure the idea’s safety before proceeding.
  3. Does your existing construction allow for installing the new kinds of windows, the plumbing or ducts and perhaps grab bars? If your renovation happens ten years after your last bathroom upgrade, be advised there are many significant changes in equipment and requirements.
  4. Do you feel the draft? If you are freezing during your morning rituals in the winter or feel a nice draft of cool air while bathing in the summer, you need to check your exterior walls.

Walls needing structural change can collapse under the strain of new materials or construction.

Before you remodel – call the professionals. At a minimum, have an inspector thoroughly investigate your home. Call MC Painting and Reno for a free consultation. We have been remodelling bathrooms for over 25 years. We have a Grade A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, we have created beautiful bathrooms for your neighbours and are here to help.

General Bathroom Renovations Tips

Finally, some general tips will help you plan efficiently.

Time Frame

When do you want my renovated bathroom to be finished? Do you have another bathroom in your home or are you staying elsewhere? This is important to think through fully so that you can decide what time of year is best, which bathroom renovation contractor will be available, and when the bathroom renovations will be the least inconvenient for your lifestyle.

Wishlist for Your Bathroom Renovation

New tiling? Lighting? Fixtures? Moving walls? Cabinets? Are you adding another sink? A custom shower? Bathroom makeovers provide you with a multitude of options therefore listing out your wants and needs is a crucial step.

Find Bathroom Renovations Ideas with Your Budget in Mind

Look online and collect ideas that you love. Do you want a drop-in tub? Do you love subway tile? What about vanity lights? Pot lights? Study tons of pictures and think about exactly what you love about that image and if it is within your budget. Bathroom contractors love an informed client! At M. C. Painting & Renovation, we always stress the need to look and find ideas that will guide your process forward and to realize that things can come up in bathroom renovations, so give yourself a somewhat flexible budget using the above tips.

Look for a Qualified Bathroom Renovations Contractor

As mentioned earlier, bathroom renovations are complicated. Bathroom renovations require skilled tradespeople for your dreams to become a reality. M.C. Renovation & Painting is an industry leader in providing bathroom renovations in South Surrey and White Rock. After all, we have been doing it for 37 years, and our clients are totally satisfied! If you follow these helpful tips, your bathroom renovation dreams will become a reality with much less hassle! Bathroom contractors are easy to find, but for a bathroom renovation in Surrey, B.C., M.C. Renovation & Painting is your obvious choice, contact us!

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