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Increase the Value of your Home with a Bathroom Renovation

Turn on a reality show about selling or buying homes and listen to the comments people make in almost every house:

This bathroom is gorgeous!

I want to live in this room! (Said of a bathroom the size of a typical master bedroom!)


No this is way too small. These tiles and fixtures are too outdated (silly, don’t they know they can change them)?

What! No tub? No way.

Bathroom renovations help sell houses, but have you ever thought about why? Bathrooms sell homes because everyone knows they will be in that room every day, usually several times. Some stay longer than others. Unlike our bedroom, we share the bathroom with guests and sometimes even strangers. Typically, we want something that looks and smells clean, is free of mold and rot, and reflects a sense that people in the house care about themselves.

If your bathroom is a DIY mess, or just needs a good modern update, it can cost you in resale value, and certainly keeps you from fully enjoying your present home. From shower renovations to the entire bathroom reconstruction, we can help.

MC Painting and Renovation has years of experience in creating a bathroom where the throne is truly “fit for a king”! Call us and talk about your project today. 604-538-2412

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