A bathroom with a view is something most of us can only dream about…. However, it can be done:  

Turning the walk-in closet into the bathroom

Our next bathroom project was unique. Originally, the homeowners wanted to renovate their old en-suite bathroom. The idea of a stand-alone tub was the allure. Unfortunately, the existing space wasn’t big enough to allow the install of a freestanding tub. So, we got creative by turning a walk-in closet into the bathroom of their dream. The space originated as one of two walk-in closets off their master bedroom. By already having a very large floor to ceiling marine-grade window, the idea of creating a view tub bathroom was born!    

Running all the required plumbing

Before anything else, the entire room had to be completely demolished. Luckily, the area was located over a crawl space which made running all of the required plumbing from the existing adjacent bathroom possible. However, not that intricate of a job, meaning it didn’t require wall removal or major re-building, it did require some imagination!  

Sole purpose: bathing with a view

This beautiful new bathroom is sparsely furnished. Therefore a few shelves and a throw towel hanger give it the look of its sole purpose: bathing with a view. Furthermore, a stunning Acritec freestanding tub with a Riobel water supply system was installed. Finally a wall-mounted Kohler sink and faucet complete the ambience.  

A bolder rural look

To create a bolder rural look, the tile was laid in an unusual manner. Additionally, white grout was used to give said tile an extra rural log cabin feel. As the property is quite pastoral and very private the open glass window has not been an issue. However, the homeowner is contemplating a one-way glass replacement or privacy retractable blind in the future.   Thinking outside the box created this beautiful space. If you have a project in mind that might seem impossible, let us help you find a solution.

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