You like a textured and solid feel beneath your feet, you will love adding ceramic tiles for bathroom flooring.

Consider Ceramic Tile In Your Bathroom Designs

Like it’s the vinyl counterpart, the ceramic tiles are waterproof, durable and look great. The price point is reasonable – even inexpensive compared to some flooring alternatives.

Some people find the cold floor in the winter a bit tough to deal with. Therefore you can alter that by installing a radiant or heated tile version.

Large or small Ceramic Tiles?

Large tiles will affect that the floor can look like a Tuscan stone. It can be purchased in various sizes, comes in hexagonal or octagonal shapes, and accented by tinted grout. There is a wide variety of colors, and some homeowners enjoy a mosaic style of various colors blending into subtle accented wall paint color. The larger version of the stones can be a bit slippery – something to consider for young children or the elderly. Ceramic tiles for use in the bathroom can be made more slip-resistant. Either by using very small tiles so that the grout lines acts as grooves or by imprinting a contour pattern onto the face of the tile.


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