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How-To Tips for Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovations

There are many elements necessary for creating spa-like bathroom renovations and creating your bathroom designs.  You must choose the right lighting, bathroom fixtures (jets or no jets, one or two person shower stall…), where to put the window, how many sinks you want, colour, tone, space design, and don’t forget, your bathroom tile.

There are so many choices on the market, and you want to be clear on the options for bathroom tile.

 Important Issues to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Tiles

  1. Make sure your contractor is doing the job right – there should be a sub-floor that is 1 and 1/4 inch thick and stable.
  2. The tiles should be accurately square so that your pattern is consistent.  It’s crazy how much it can bother you later when you are relaxing in the tub!
  3. If the tiles are rectangular, be sure there are no “bows” in the tile.
  4. If you are using accent tiles, be sure to choose a colour that blends into the common colour of the rest of your tile.

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