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Unique Types of Floors

Are you tired of only choosing from the “normal” floor choices such as hardwood, carpet, or stone tiles? Looking for something different for your home renovation project? Below are some unique and uncommon choices that can potentially match your room!


This Japanese styled floor is great and allows for a cooler feeling in a room. It’s the same type of flooring that you might find in some sushi restaurants. This traditional type of flooring is usually seen as a series of mats in a Japanese styled room that is twice the width in length.


Scandinavian floors are sleek and simple, perfect to match Scandinavian furniture (think IKEA). Usually built using wide and light wood planks, it gives off a very different feel compared to traditional wood flooring. They can either be found waxed or unfurnished. Laminate on top of another type of floor will also give you a Scandinavian feel also.


If you’re feeling bold, you can try very decorative tiled flooring. With little tiles in geometric designs, you’re able to mirror the traditional Spanish feel. Cement tiles are also in the arsenal of floor builders looking for the Spanish feel.

Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone is composed of several types of limestone used in Jerusalem from ancient times all the way until now. With its grand feeling, flooring with Jerusalem Stone won’t disappoint.

Bamboo Flooring

Beginning in the 1980′s, bamboo flooring emerged as a popular choice in China. Aside from its clean look, it’s best known for being a great eco-friendly choice. Made by slicing bamboo, flattening, and varnishing, it ends up being just as great looking as other hardwood floors.

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