Saving Money and Doing It Yourself!

1.       Decide on one room or area to start with.

2.       Prepare your calendar for nights and weekends to accomplish the task before and/or after work.

3.       Choose the color you like…did we mention there are approximately 140 shades of white…..?

4.       Look for family and or friends willing to invest, or visit the bank for a loan.

5.       Buy Paint.  Be sure you use quality paint.

6.       Lay down drop sheets and start painting. Not you silly – paint the WALLS!

7.       Spend hours cleaning LOL!

8.       Time for a second coat.  Use liberally to cover up mistakes in the first coat.

9.       Chase cat out of the room. Clean Cat.

10.   Apply the now-needed third coat to cover up crap second coat and cat hair.

11.   Apologize to your wife, husband, kids, grandma and especially the cat!

12.   Don’t mind about the toxic cleaning solutions to get the paint off your skin and out of your hair.  You won’t get diseased just from one use!

13.   HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PAINTER instead of DIY painting!


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