With winter finally giving way to more pleasant weather we start to think about home improvements. Spring is the prime time for planning your home exterior painting project in South Surrey and White Rock.

How to begin?

Start by making a careful visual inspection of the entire exterior of your home.

Exterior paint has to able to keep up and withstand the constant change in our weather. Moisture, freeze-thaw cycles, and of course rain can cause paint to fade over time, especially if  the top coat used wasn’t high quality paint.

Start your inspection by searching for peeling or flaking paint on your sidings and trims. If you see signs of trouble, note whether the problem is confined to a small area, or widespread. This inspection will help determine whether you can get by with some touchup painting, or if you need to consider repainting the entire exterior.

Retouching or Repainting

You can easily deal with small trouble spots by scraping off any loose paint that you see. Apply a top quality primer wherever bare wood shows through. When the primer dries, brush on one or two coats of your leftover touchup paint. By following this regimen, you may buy some time. If you want a finer finish, with no visible scraped edges, simply sand the edges of the scraped area with an orbital sander prior to applying the primer.

If your paint is failing in many places however, that’s a different story. Very likely, you’ll have to paint the entire exterior. House painting in Surrey is done by many Painting contractors. But none excel at the fine details and finished product as M.C. Painting & Renovation does! With 32 years of professional service you can trust that your project will be completed on time, on budget and look great!

Best time for home exterior painting?

Should you decide however to do your own home painting, you’ll find it much more pleasant and comfortable to do surface preparation and painting in the springtime.  The best time for exterior painting is now, with the rain subsiding and the overnight temperatures reaching a much milder level.

Your paint might even last longer if you apply it now. That’s because exterior paints tend to cure better in moderate temperatures, creating an especially tough and durable paint film.

If you plan to hire a professional painting contractor for your home painting project,  we recommend to act fast! Painting contractors book up quickly at this time of year, and it’s smart to get a convenient times-slot as soon as you can.

There’s another big advantage to painting in the springtime. You can enjoy your home’s freshly painted appearance all summer long, after all, this is when you and your guests spend most of your time outdoors.

Use only the highest quality paint!

If you’re primed for some springtime home painting, keep one last thing in mind, be sure to use only the highest quality paint, Top quality coatings made with 100% acrylic are the best assurance that your new paint job will continue to look good and perform well for many springs to come. Consider selecting house paint colours that suit your property and as well as you home style. Ensure you select a painting contractor with a proven history of quality and service!

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