What a wonderful time of the year fall is. The leaves change colours and the air smells of pumpkin spice. It’s also the perfect time for interior home painting and decorations. Here area some suggestions to make your home cozy with the newest trends.

Fall Interior Painting Ideas

With the air turning cooler and crisp during fall, we want to fill our homes with coziness and warmth. Here are some interior painting ideas with fall in mind:

Certain colours on the painting pallet are often associated with fall. Namely, the darker shades of orange, purple, brown, and green as they compliment nature in autumn. This fall colour trend may also be easily enhance by adding fall wreaths or floral arrangements to your rooms.

Planning your vision with colours is just like following a recipe; you need to measure your ingredients correctly in order to achieve the desired result. Because it’s all about balance. Colours help to create a room’s character. Sometimes the colour is the main ingredient, but sometimes it is just ‘a dash of that special spice’. For more painting ideas visit our blog about interior painting ideas.

Ideas for Fall Decorations

Cozy Fireplaces

Fall is also an excellent time to get ready for the cold winter months. What says cozy better than cuddling up by the fire? This is easily achieved if you have an existing fireplace. But if you don’t have one, no need to worry! Ethanol fireplaces are a great and easy addition to achieve brilliant warmth in your home. Just light the amber musk  and spiced cake candles and voilà!  Time to snuggling on your favourite chair with your feet on a comfy faux fur area rug in front of the fireplace and relax.

An ethanol fireplace as home decoration is perfect for fall and winter

Lighting and Candle Decorations

Warm lighting and the smell of a scented candle are without a doubt instant mood changer. Why not complement your fireplace with an alabaster table lamp to create the perfect setting. Keep in mind that decorations to accomplish the perfect fall ambience are plentiful. Imagine lanterns on the fireplace, art glass pumpkins on the side tables or  LED lightning strings all around the room.

decor led lights are perfect for home decoration

Who doesn’t love a cozy fall afternoon with a hot beverage in hand and the warm glow of a candle on the side table?  Soft candle light makes any room instantly feel more comfortable and inviting. The abundance of things you can do with candles makes them great decorations.  Consider scented candles to quickly transform the atmosphere and the feeling of the room to new level.

Home fragrance isn’t limited to just scented candles. Reed and electric diffusers come in many different of our favourite fall flavours such as Apple Crisp or Pumpkin Spice.  Not to mention that, if you need an immediate dose of autumn aroma there are plenty of delightful room sprays that will do the trick.

fall winter home decorations idea with candle in pumpkins

source: homebnc

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