Frequently Asked Questions About Renovations

Renovation Contractor – frequently asked questions

Do I need a Contractor for a Kitchen Re-Model?

The answer is yes and no. It depends on your definition of “Contactor”.

M.C. Painting and Renovation is a contractor who performs all the work with its own staff. This allows M.C. Painting & Renovation tighter control of timelines and quality on your job.

Conversely, a “General Contractor” will sub out the work to his preferred installers. This business model subjects the homeowner to schedules of multiple companies that have no “direct” contract with the homeowner. This can be problematic.
Some general contractors can be good, but having a company preform the project start to finish ensures your project’s quality and schedule are not subject to “outside influences”.

Lastly, you can choose to be your own “General Contractor”. Unless you have experience in kitchen remodeling this can be a frustrating expensive nightmare. Beware!

How do I Choose and Hire a contractor for my project?

Choosing and hiring a contractor for your project can be a daunting task. The real answer to this hand wringing question is common sense. Start by looking on-line for qualified companies in your area. Narrow down that list of companies by determining the “specialty” services offered by each one.
After you have that list check out the online reviews of each company. Cross referencing that list with the BBB reputation (of those companies) is also handy at the end of your search.
So, you now have candidates! Call them and show them your project. This is really an interview for your own benefit. You will see in the end that there will be a few, or maybe only one candidate that fits the personality and expertise you’re looking for.

Are you Licensed?

M.C. Painting and Renovation is Licensed to engage and preform projects in your municipality.

Are you Properly Insured?

Yes. M.C. Painting and Renovation is fully insured and WCB compliant.
Having proper insurance is a must for any legitimate contractor. The basic insurances are a must for a home-owner’s own protection. The basic insurances are Liability and WCB. The law stipulates that workman’s compensation (WCB) is a legal requirement, however many contractors do not have liability Insurance. You must act to protect your home- your most valuable possession- by hiring Insured trades people. Ask before signing!

How is Pricing Calculated?

Renovation Projects require the calculation of the time on site (to complete the project) and the materials required to do the work. Since no two projects are ever the same, a detailed on-site estimation is needed to get a final costing for the client.

Interior Painting project quotations are based on a square foot model. The price per square foot varies depending on the amount of work required. Exterior paint project quotations are determined by the amount of time and materials needed to do the project. No two projects are the same, so a detailed on-site estimate is required.

Are you Competitive in Pricing?

Our pricing is always fair and competitive with other “qualified companies”. If a quality professional job, preformed by licensed trades people, is what you are looking for our pricing model is for you.
We do not offer price matching.

What are the conditions regarding the Guarantee?

At M.C. Painting and Renovation, we don’t believe in small print. Your contract with us will be straight- forward, clear and simple. Each contract will cover the proposed work, payment schedule, guarantees and warranties. All conditions and/or terms are laid out clearly.

Do you have Trained Estimators?

Yes. The company’s owner, Doug, does all of the estimations through to the final proposal (contract). You can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with our company’s owner from start to finish pre-project. Nothing will be missed or “fall through the cracks” in your agreement.

Will there be a Detailed Proposal (Contact) in writing?

Always. After your first on-site consult with Doug, and your willingness to move forward, we will send you a detailed proposal promptly. This proposal is for your review, and ultimately your final agreement, should you want to engage us on your project.

In what way are you better than your competitors?

From the first consult to the completed renovation, we excel at our job, plain and simple. Our reputation is outstanding and speaks for itself. Our attention to detail, and the delivery of a “high end finished look” is what drives our company’s success.

Kitchen Renovation – frequently asked questions

How do you Remodel or Makeover an old kitchen?

If you like your old Kitchen but just want to upgrade the space, without major costs, you have several options. You could simply paint the room and add some accessories. This will be your lowest cost.
You could go a bit further by changing the cabinet doors and hardware or adding new countertops. Additionally, installing new appliances could be another option.

Remember, when you start removing the cabinetry and changing the kitchens footprint you are getting into the costly area of kitchen renovations. You do have lower cost options. Discuss these options with you contractor, you will be surprised what a few changes can make to your “Kitchen Look”.

How Do You Re-Do a Kitchen on a Budget?

Kitchen projects are not cheap, regardless of what you intend to do to minimize the cost. There are a few things you can do to save a few dollars though. First- consider using cheaper products. Secondly do some of the work yourself. If you demolish the kitchen (be careful plumbing!) and dispose of it will save you money. Maybe you can paint at the end as well. Communicating with your contractor that you are willing to pitch in to save is a great way to communicate your goals!

Does a Kitchen Increase House Value?

Yes. No room in the house increases your homes value more than the Kitchen. A quality Kitchen is one of the first things a potential buyer will look at when considering a purchase. Even if you’re not selling, having a kitchen space that is modern and functional is of value.

In What Order do you Remodel a Kitchen?

A Kitchen Project demands an Installation schedule that allows the process to be organized, efficient and completed in a timely manner. First, after careful planning the demolition happens. Next the pre-wiring for the areas required is implemented. The rough-in plumbing is done next and then the flooring is installed. At this stage the walls and/or ceilings can be re-drywalled and finished.

The kitchen Cabinets are now installed. Post kitchen installation, the countertops can be measured and fabricated for installation. The finishing’s can now be tackled- wall tile/ handles/ terminal plumbing and electrical finishing’s. When all is complete, and the renovation has passed quality inspection, the final touches of finish painting and wall accessories can be done.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?

There is no straightforward answer to this commonly asked question. A complete Kitchen Renovation (entry-level quality) will start around 25 thousand dollars and go up from there. The finishing’s, detail and size of the project will determine the pricing as well, so the cost can vary enormously. Most of the higher end quality Kitchen’s M.C. Painting & Renovation installs are in the mid 45 Thousand range and up. This would include all costs on the Renovation from Start to Completion.

What Guarantee do I have?

You Kitchen will have a Full Guarantee on all Workmanship and Lifetime Manufacturer’s Guarantee on all Cabinetry*. All other products will carry the individual manufacturer’s guarantee. Rest easy knowing M.C. Painting & Renovation has renovated over 300 Kitchens successfully over three decades!

*normal wear and tear.

How Long will the Kitchen Project Take?

Depending on the size and scope of the Kitchen it could be anywhere from 2.5 weeks to one month. As with all of our Kitchen projects, your kitchen will be our sole focus until the completion day- we do not overlap projects.

Kitchen Projects- So Many Options, how do I Move Forward?

Like any Renovation, Kitchen Projects require great pre-planning, detailed design work and timely implementation to make the process streamlined, hassle free and much easier for the you- the customer. M.C. Painting & Renovation has a business model that streamlines the process and makes what seems overwhelming simplistic! Most of the product selection and consultation is done right in your home. We have been doing Kitchens for over 3 decades, we can help!

What Kitchen Services do you Provide?

M.C. Painting & Renovation provides the following services: We Are a complete Kitchen Renovation Service Company!

  • Design/ consultation
  • Demolition
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Tile
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Appliance installation
  • Drywall and Paintwork.

Are Your Kitchen Renovation Projects All-Inclusive?

Yes. M.C. Painting & Renovation provides all services to complete your project. From the initial consultation and design work through the electrical, plumbing and carpentry we do it all! Our work is all custom, and our product suppliers are second to none. All products have been selected based on our strict adherence to quality first!

Bathroom Renovation – frequently asked questions

How do you Style a Small Bathroom?

Designing a small bathroom can be tricky. Attention to the size of finishing’s as well as the distance between the finishing’s is of paramount importance. Your aiming to get a “look” that is “uncluttered” and streamlined, but the finished space has to have the necessities in in it that you want. It can be a challenge at times to design a Bathroom with limited space, but M.C. Painting & Renovation can provide a design and layout for your Bathroom that will help you achieve your vision.

How do you Style a Modern Bathroom?

Many Considerations go into the stylizing of a modern bathroom. The adherence to straight lines and simplicity of design are paramount. An “uncluttered” simple look is paramount. There are an infinite amount of ways to achieve this “look”, and having a specialized contractor such as M.C. Painting & Renovation consult with you on the style will help you achieve your vision.

Are Bathroom renovations Worth it?

You Bet! The most important rooms in your home are the Kitchen and the bathroom(s). If you have ever bought or sold a home, you understand this perfectly!

Not only are bathrooms important for your home’s value, bathrooms that are renovated are more comfortable and relaxing and provide a clean tranquil place to unwind.

What is the Average Cost to Remodel A Bathroom?

There is no straightforward answer to this commonly asked question as well. For a complete re-build, an entry-level three-piece or four-piece quality bathroom will start around 19 to 20 thousand dollars and up. The finishing’s and detail determine the pricing as well, so the price can vary tremendously. Most of the higher end quality full rebuilt bathrooms M.C. Painting & Renovation does are in the mid twenty thousand dollar range and up.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom?

There is no straightforward answer to this commonly asked question. As a rule of thumb, you are going to spend quite a bit of money to have the project done properly. For a complete re-build, an entry-level three-piece quality bathroom will start around 14 thousand dollars and up. The finishing’s and detail determine the pricing, so the price can vary tremendously.

What is the Best Heating System for a Bathroom?

There are many ways to heat your Bathroom. If a major project is being considered, then Floor Heating is always the preferred method. There is no better feeling than heat radiating through floor tile when you are finished bathing. Floor heat may be pricier than using your existing heating source, but the investment may be something to consider.

Are there Structural Issues to consider regarding a Bathroom Renovation?

Like any construction project the structural integrity of the space is extremely important. If the project requires no wall removal and is a simple “re-model” then there are usually no structural issues. If there’s some water damage on the floor, then maybe a bit of work will be required.

If walls are being removed and the “footprint” of the room is being altered, then taking into consideration the structural integrity of the structure is necessary. Only a qualified tradesperson or engineer should be determining the requirements in each individual circumstance.

What Guarantee do I have there will be no problems?

M.C. Painting & Renovation has a Full Written Guarantee on all of our Workmanship. We also act as a liaison regarding any manufacturer’s guarantee’s on supplied products. Rest easy knowing M.C. Painting & Renovation has renovated over 500 Bathrooms successfully over three plus decades!

Am I going to need to get other trades people involved in my project?

No. M.C. Painting and Renovation is a Full-Service Renovation Company. Rest assured that we can, and will, provide all the professional services and products to complete your project. We have completed over 500-bathroom projects over 3 plus decades. We have the expertise to get it done.

How long Should a Bathroom Renovation Take?

Depending on the size and scope of your project it could be anywhere from 1.5 weeks to 3 weeks. As with all of our renovation projects, your project is our sole focus until the completion day- we do not overlap projects. We understand this is an inconvenience, and as such do the project promptly and efficiently.

I am a bit overwhelmed with the process of renovating my bathroom, how do I go about it?

Like any project, great pre-planning, design work and implementation make the process streamlined and hassle free. M.C. Painting & Renovation has a model that streamlines the process of renovating your bathroom and makes what seems overwhelming simplistic!

Most of the product selection and consultation is done right in your home!

Home Renovation – frequently asked questions

What Renovations are Worth Doing?

This question is a vexing one. As a rule of thumb, if your planning to stay 5 or less years do the basics (curb appeal- exterior paint, interior paint and basic cosmetic upgrades).

If the home is your permanent long-term dwelling, then considering extensive upgrades by renovating may be a prudent move. Enhancing your home with renovations increases its value, and ultimately your comfort in a nicer more modern environment.

Is it Cheaper to Remodel or Build a new house?

Remodeling your home is always cheaper than building a new home. Building a quality home today in the lower mainland of British Columbia (with all aspects of the build included, as well as the land costs) can be very pricy, and cost $400.00/SF and as high as $700.00/ SF.

A quality renovation (to the complete interior of your home) should be around $100/SF. If you love your home and neighborhood, but your tired of your “dated look”, consider renovating as a viable alternative to building a new home.

What is the First Thing to Do when Renovating a House?

When considering to fully Renovate a Home the first thing to do is realistically look at your budget and the scope of work you want to achieve. After sober thought on the finances and scope of work you want it will be a lot easier to convey your wishes to your contractor when moving forward.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Home?

A complete Home Renovation is a complicated task to estimate. As a rule of thumb, if the interior of the Home is gutted (down to the drywall) you can safely estimate a price range of $75.00 a square foot and up. Higher quality finishing’s and structural modifications will add to the square foot cost as well. A typical “higher end” interior full remodel would be around $100.00 a square foot and up again depending on finishing’s and modifications.

Will you deal with the clean up?

M.C. Painting & Renovation pride’s it’s self on being clean and respecting your home. It is our standard to provide daily clean up, full clean up and garbage removal upon completion. A clean work site is a safe work site, and no one appreciates a clean work site more than the homeowner!

How will the Home/ Work area be Prepared?

Not only do we do the standard preparation work – cover floors, protect or move furniture etc., we will facilitate storage options if need be on larger projects. We also move your larger furniture, at no extra charge. The general area in the scope of work will be properly protected. We are at your home to help, and as such we pride ourselves on making the initial steps less stressful. In short we treat your home and your possessions with the respect they deserve!

What is the Process in Planning a Renovation?

Upon contacting M.C. Painting & Renovation our company will come out, look at the proposed scope of work. We will provide a free consultation (regarding the project) along with a verbal approximation of the costs involved.

If the homeowner wants to proceed and move forward (based on accepting the basic costs involved, and a willingness to use our services for your project) we formally write out a detailed contract for review. Upon acceptance of the agreement (by both parties) we sign the contract and retain a small booking deposit – usually 10% of the contract value.

Unlike many contractors, our payment process is predicated on work completion in a structured payment agreement on the signed contract.

Your home renovation start date is based on our booking schedule, and well before work commences, we start the design and product selection. All consulting, as well as any client/ contractor shopping trips come at no extra charge to you! Our planning is complete, organized and hassle free!

What is the average turnaround time?

M.C. Painting & Renovation takes pride in our workmanship, and we work meticulously on each Renovation project. All of our projects are different, and as such the time varies.
Typically, a kitchen renovation will take under a month, a bathroom renovation under 3 weeks, and a complete interior re-model under 2 months depending on the size of the home.

How Long will my Home Renovation Take?

M.C. Painting & Renovation pride’s itself on being efficient and organized, and we do not overlap projects. This business model speeds up the process and allows us to put all of our focus on your Home Renovation. The actual time your renovation will take will depend on the scope of your project, which will be discussed during the in-home estimation process.

Painting – frequently asked questions

Is the Paint Eco-Friendly?

The last decade has seen tremendous improvements in Water-Based Paint products, and as such “higher end” paints are for the most part 100% acrylic, and completely earth friendly! We also use products that have virtually no odor and are extremely low VOC. U can rest assured we are doing our small part in being eco-friendly. We will also recycle any unused paint should you wish us to.

Will the Paint Leave Behind Odors?

No. M.C. Painting uses the most modern 100% acrylic products. Acrylic paints are water-soluble and require no harsh thinners like turpentine or acetone which cause most other paints to leave behind strong odors.

Is there a Process in Choosing the Paint?

M.C. Painting & Renovation does all of the color consulting for free, at your home or business. We will leave a color chart with the client post initial consultation, and then get final selections completed during a follow up visit.

What Type of Paint will be Used?

For 35 years our preferred paint supplier has been, and still is, Dulux Paint – their products are top-notch reliable and look perfect. We also have accounts at all of the major paint suppliers in order to meet your specific needs.

What Type of Interior Painting do you Offer?

If you can dream it, we can do it!

M.C. Painting & Renovation is capable of completing every type of Interior Painting Project you can think of. We methodically complete all work including Wallpaper removal and install, as well as decorative paintwork. We do it all!

What Type of Exterior Painting do you Offer?

M.C. Painting & Renovation offers Custom or Standard Re-Paint services on Residential Homes. We also offer Custom Exterior Commercial Paintwork. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed.

What is your Painting Experience?

Collectively, our team has over 75 years of experience and has completed over 1000 Home Painting projects. Our BBB rating is A+ and our feedback has been phenomenal – we haven’t had a complaint yet!
If you’re thinking about Painting, M.C. Painting & renovation is the Company to call!

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