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In today’s world and economy, the idea of green home renovations is no longer a novel idea, but a mandate for the future.

General Benefits for Green Home Renovations

Although old ways normally die hard, the move towards a more sustainble approach to life, from toilets to garbage, and urban sprawl to well water preservation, has been slowly etching into society. Now, we have so many options for green home renovations, and it’s our pleasure at MC Paint and Renovation to highlight, educate, and hopefully partner with you for your green renos.

There is a lot to consider but today we will look at the General Benefits of a Green Home Renovation

Your home looks beautiful

  1. Your equity typically increases
  2.  Resale value increases
  3. The home is healthier for everyone in it – from the pets, to the kids and mom and dad too.
  4. You will have reduced maintenance in the yard and on the house.
  5. Your utility bills will be lower
  6. There is greater efficiency to every thing in the home – how it works dynamically to sustain itself.
  7. You preserve the resources for further generations – including your own children’s and theirs to follow.
  8.  Costs are coming down every year, and your purchase today only helps to further reduce the inflated costs for sustainable materials as the supply increases to meet the demand.
  9.  You will love the new technology, products, inventions, and outright smarts of a green home renovation.

 MC Paint and Renovations has been serving the White Rock and South Surrey area for over 25 years.  We provide class A work with attention to the details and customer service you have a right to expect when doing your Green Home Renovations.  We are happy to consult with you on the latest products and styles to best suit your lifestyle and green home objectives.

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