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5 Signs of too much Humidity in Your Home

Living in White Rock and South Surrey, or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest means we face winter heat and home humidity, typically lots of it.

Humidity can cause damage in your home and necessitate home repairs and even home renovations. But we need the humidity for our skin and overall health. The trick is moderation.

Excess Humidity

Let’s start this series with an overview of what to look for to determine if you have TOO MUCH humidity:

1. If your windows are fogging up and staying that way – you may have a problem. Of course, if the windows are closed, it’s cold outside and you are cooking a soup on the stove, you may have a temporary fog on the windows. But consistent fogging means trouble.

2. Does you bathroom or basement smell like mold – can you see the green tale tell signs? Not good.

3. Are you or members of your family suffering from allergies? Often this is due to the onset of mold in the house and you are not even aware of it. Mold can be hiding in your walls, pipes, flooring etc.

4. Maybe you have not found mold but the place smells “off.” Look out…there is too much humidity.

5. Look at the walls and ceiling paint. It is showing stains or spots or even cracking? You may have leaks or it could be a result of too much humidity in the house and pooling condensation.

Too much mold is no laughing matter. You can have some serious health concerns due to excess humidity and mold spores.
What to do now?
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