Sometimes transforming a kitchen can be so dramatic that only pictures will do the project justice. As you can see, in this kitchen makeover – the before & after photos are a telltale!

Total Gutting

Well, this showcased kitchen makeover was executed in the late fall of 2019. Before anything else the total gutting of the galley kitchen was necessary. Narrow and constricting, this kitchen desperately needed more room. For visual and actual increased space, the hallway partition wall was blown out to open up the room. Fortunately, the original home has never prior been renovated, so the project, rather though involved was fairly straight forward.


After gutting and opening up the space we upgraded all of the old circuitry and plumbing to satisfy the demands of the new layout. As you can see the original home concept of the “lineal kitchen” was retained, but in a very modern way. In fact, the new layout only required a few new circuits and some basic plumbing upgrades.

The finishing

Next, the finishing was achieved by combining a modern “slab” door style with a white oak veneer finish. To complement the desired look, we added “scraped” solid wood floor throughout the space and adjoining area. Basic appliances, as well as adequate lighting, were installed. Finally, a granite countertop and pre-stacked ledgestone square backsplash finished and completed the renovation.

The transformation

Over and above, the transformation of said space was extremely satisfying for us. Especially, because the end result was not seen by our tremendously nice clients, who were out of town, till the actual completion. Their amazement and elation made this kitchen makeover even more rewarding and special to our crew.

Tight budget

A very tight budget was kept in mind throughout the whole process. Obviously, the products used were extremely adequate but by no means the most expensive. However, in this case it proves that, foresight, planning and dedicated shopping can result in a beautiful look regardless of your budget.

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