Are you looking for simple kitchen remodelling? Whether you are considering a full remodel of your kitchen or a modest facelift, M.C.Renovation & Painting is happy to meet your needs and deliver the results you’re looking for. A kitchen remodelling with door repainting, new handles, and a few minor touches made all the difference. This blog will share some tips and tricks on remodelling your kitchen to make this stressful process easier for you!

5 Tips for Kitchen Remodelling

Let’s start with five tips to help you avoid expensive mistakes while remodelling your kitchen.

1. Create a Distinctive Space

When creating a distinctive space, your first move is to look at your kitchen with an eye to what might serve as a focal point. A large window, alcove, or long wall can be the start. Take advantage of a bank of beautiful windows with an eye-catching counter that runs the length of the window wall.

If you love to entertain and are lucky enough to have ample space, consider setting your room up to include two back-to-back kitchens; one with a full-size range, a fridge, ovens, and a sink, and the other with an ice-maker, a wine chiller, a second sink, a mini-fridge, and a microwave, plus an abundance of storage. Pretty much anything you dream up can be executed with the help of a talented design team. It’s up to you… and we can help!

2. Consider Lighting

The lighting design is one of the most important things to consider when renovating or building a new kitchen. While most people use recessed LED lighting in their kitchen, hanging light fixtures over islands and other areas can provide functional lighting and a decorative opportunity. And don’t forget that cabinets can block light from falling onto your countertops, which hanging fixtures can help eliminate. More lighting tips you’ll find in our Lighting and LED Lights blogs.

3. Use Quality Materials

Top-quality drawer slides and hinges mean cabinet doors will stay closed, and drawers won’t stick. Stay away from drawers that are stapled together or made of particleboard. For cabinet interiors, wood veneer is more durable than melamine, laminate, MDF or particleboard. M.C. Painting & Renovation supplies solid wood cabinetry for the most durable long-term reliable finish- after all, our motto says it all “An Investment in Quality”.

4. Ventilate your Kitchen

Don’t overlook ventilating your kitchen. Whether you opt for an industrial-like stove or go with a traditional four-burner model, you should overcompensate when it comes to an exhaust system (especially if you do any sort of consistent or serious cooking). Moreover, try to install your stove on an outside wall so that you don’t have a long run to the outside (with your vent tubing).

5. Set your Countertops

Those who cook frequently require more counter space — ideally between the range and sink — than those who cook infrequently or prepare simple meals. Incorporating two countertop heights makes baking and prep work easy and helps kids involved in meal preparation.

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing – Restyling

One of the ideal ways to change your kitchen is to reface your existing cabinets. Not only will this save you money, but it will also open up a door of new possibilities! Possibilities that cater to a budget-conscious homeowner.

Benefits of Restyling Cabinets

One of the biggest reasons to reface your kitchen cabinets is the cost. It costs about one-third or less compared to replacing existing cabinets and takes much less time. Another plus (to only do cabinet refacing) is that you can still use your kitchen while working on the cabinets. Last but not least, it’s a more environmentally friendly approach to giving your cabinets a fresh new look and does not add to the landfill! Remember, however, that refacing your kitchen cabinets won’t miraculously fix a bad kitchen design!

Kitchen Refacing Options

You may be asking yourself, ‘What are my refacing options?’ Well, you have almost limitless finishing choices. Veneers are available in various colours, patterns, textures, grains, etc. M.C. Painting & Renovation specializes in solid wood-stained or painted re-face door systems. This product lasts the longest and, in the end, offers the best value.

Prices for Cabinets Refacing

Quality solid wood Cabinet refacing (for a standard kitchen) usually starts around 5,000 dollars. Pulls, knobs, hinges, and other hardware will cost you around two to four dollars each unless you use high-end pieces. In comparison, the prices for completely replacing your cabinets will start at minimally 3 times that figure for solid plywood boxes and solid wood finishing. Semi-custom and completely custom cabinetry will easily go into the $20,000 and up range. If you have extra time, patience, and expertise on your hands, you can reface your cabinets for a cheaper solution. To be on the safe side, hire a kitchen renovation contractor.

The 4 R’s of Kitchen Renovations – Repainting, Refinishing, Refacing and Renovating.

There are several ways to enhance the beauty of your cabinets and kitchen space when it comes to kitchen cabinets!

These upgrades are known as the four R’s of Kitchen Renos!


The simplest kitchen cabinet renovation method is to repaint the existing cabinets by hand. Simply remove all of the doors and hardware from the cabinets and then proceed with any repairs on the cabinets and doors. When complete, sand out the repairs to a finish grade. Once you are ready for paint application, a good primer-sealer should be used. Apply the coatings in thin, even layers, the first coat being the primer and the subsequent coatings in the finished product. Hang the doors back on the cabinets, and you are finished!

This procedure is most often used on older cabinets where budgetary concerns are paramount for your kitchen cabinets renovations.


Kitchen cabinet refinishers provide another method of achieving similar results as repainting. Kitchen cabinet refinishers provide a factory finish on all of the removable components. Refinishing your cabinets ensures a perfectly smooth surface on the doors and removable components. This procedure requires a professional spray paint application in a dust-free environment. You can also fill in the handle holes and free up your choices for new handles or pulls!

Your kitchen is in great shape, but your old colour is dated…. kitchen cabinet refinishers can provide an option you may want to consider!


As we’ve already mentioned, refacing your cabinets is a great way to get a new look in your kitchen at a much-reduced cost compared to a full kitchen renovation. Kitchen cabinet refacing is the same as refinishing cabinets, except that all doors and removable components are replaced with the new product. Kitchen cabinet refacing is the kitchen renovation choice for those homeowners who do not want a full renovation but want the best look possible.

Full Renovation

The fourth R is a full kitchen renovation. This is the best way to achieve the results you desire. On the other hand, a full kitchen renovation is more time-consuming and requires the replacement of the complete kitchen, including the cabinetry. If your kitchen renovation ideas involve a completely new look, then a full kitchen renovation is probably in your plans.

Ready for your Kitchen Remodelling?

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