Brighten Up Your Bathrooms!

Do you have a bathroom that is located in a part of your house where it’s void of natural light? Brighten up your windowless bathroom with lando lighting. We have some tips that will help you replace the sun’s rays and make your bathroom a vibrant place.

1. Use Metallics.

Shiny surfaces with metallics will help reflect light which in turn will brighten up the inside of your bathroom. Silver, gold, or bronze hardware are good choices as are pearlescent tiles.

2. Hang a Chandelier.

A sure way to instantly brighten your bathroom is to add a chandelier. It will give the effect of glam and the crystals will additionally spread light all over.

3. Light Floor Colours.

Choosing a lighter colour for your floor will help provide a cleaner, more open look to your bathroom. Having a dark floor in a tight space with no natural light will have a claustrophobic feel. Either a light hardwood floor or light coloured tiles will help in making your bathroom brighter.

4. Add Art!

By filling up your bathroom with new pieces of art that are colourful and vibrant will give an excellent vibe to the interior of your bathroom. Be thoughtful about the artwork you put in your bathroom and don’t just reserve the wall for the art that has outlived the other rooms of your home.

5. Use Soft Lighting.

Avoid using harsh ceiling lights as they tend to dull the surroundings. Choose a chic lighting fixture that has multiple light bulbs and will spread light in different directions. Soft diffused light will also make anyone look better in the mirror!

6. Add More Mirrors.

Speaking of looking good in mirrors, you can add additional mirrors to give off the feeling of having more light and having more space. Even a small stylish mirror added to your standard medicine cabinet/sink mirror will make you feel less closed in your bathroom.

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Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or looking for ways to improve existing bathrooms in your home, be sure to keep these tips in mind for a brighter, more open experience.

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