Modern bathroom renovation

Creative thinking and extensive design experience by your renovation contractor will fulfill your dream of a modern bathroom. All bathroom spaces are very unique. In the bathroom above, the area was the biggest concern. To achieve a more “open feel” we wall-mounted the toilet bowl and the sink to save space. The white tile and recessed storage also add to this effect, and the result is a small bathroom that looks and feels very spacious.

Renovating can save the environment

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t just make your home feel and look more modern, but can also help save the environment. Accordingly, simple steps taken by your contractor, like including more energy-efficient fixtures, will make you use less water and electricity, saving money and planet earth!

Experienced trades professionals are essential

Any reputable contractor knows that modernizing your bathroom requires the services of many experienced trades professionals. Most bathroom renovations require plumbers, some, interior designers, electricians, carpenters, as well as painters. In some more intricate cases, even flooring and waterproofing specialists will be included. Finding a contractor who can provide all of the necessary specialized services is key. Hence, a smooth-running, efficient and timely bathroom renovation depends on it. Consider hiring a professional team that has no trouble integrating all of these aspects – to save time and money!

Accommodate every family member

An important aspect of modernizing your bathroom is to accommodate all your family members. Not everyone who can easily “jump” in and out the shower or the bath-tub. Especially for the elderly or disabled, a bathroom can be an intimidating and downright dangerous space. Therefore, we recommend to always customize to everyone’s specific needs. A good bathroom designer and contractor is crucial to help you integrate the extensively available accessories. Consequently, this will not just provide the comfort of everybody but also create a stylish yet safe bathroom environment.

We are excited to help you modernize your bathroom by keeping all the necessary aspects of your unique family in mind.

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