Before you pick your new bathtub for your bathroom renovations, you need to consider a few key ideas:

Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Bathtub

  1. Do I have spatial considerations?  Is there room for the tub of your dreams?
  2. Which comfort considerations do I have?  Do I want a spa experience, a jacuzzi experience, or is this a family all-purpose bathtub?
  3. Are there any safety considerations?  Are there physical requirements for yourself or members of your household that would require specific tubs with steps or extra size – may be room for negotiation from a wheelchair, or safety for elderly people not as steady on their feet?

Different Kinds of Bathtubs

Know your inventory.  You can find bathtubs around these categories: Standard bathtubs for a space economy and price, whirlpool-like tubs for sore muscles, soaker tubs for a deep drop and plenty of room to hibernate with a good book, and step-in tubs for easier access to and from the bath.

Be sure to actually sit in the bathtub before you buy.  See if it’s long enough, wide enough, deep enough for your needs. The slant behind your back needs to feel comfortable too!  

Bathtub Construction

Bathtubs are made of several different types of materials. There is crushed marble, but it’s not necessarily the most durable, cast iron (think vintage soaker tub!), fibreglass, acrylic, enamel and even wood.  Be sure to get good consultation before buying. Asure to know what extra features you may want to be installed before you say OK to the remodel.

Some people want a sound system installed, some a heater system, while you may want chroma-therapy (light).  Whatever the choices, you need to know your options and the cost factor to stay on track with your budget.

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