Do you love the color blue? We help you to find the right hue of blue.

Professional Painters have an Eye for Colours.

If you are considering painting your home’s interior, you may feel overwhelmed by all the great colour choices that are available. However, you also may feel giddy like a kid in a candy shop.  To choose between pastels, neutrals, brights and classic colours can be both, overwhelming and exciting. Selecting the right colour can be one of the most fun parts of the entire painting experience. Use your professional painter’s vast experience to help you visualize what your walls will look like. Professional Painter have an Eye for Colours: Just imagining your home in a fresh new colour that can make you fall in love with your space all over again!

This fall’s painting trend is dark blue

One current colour trend in interior paint that you may want to consider is dark blue.  This summer robins’ egg, powder blue and teal were all the rage. But now that fall has arrived, that trend has given way to darker, more classic tones.  Varying shades of blue have been a successful trend on the runways and in designer collections. Therefore, it comes a no surprise that blue would make its way into your home as an interior colour preference. This fall’s trend toward dark blue paint is great and not just because of its great versatility.

Add colours to your Blues to create different looks

Think navy, think indigo, maybe cobalt, or imagine your favourite pair of blue jeans!  Dark blue is just a fantastic colour option for any home.  It can easily be matched with other colours to create a modern or classic look.  Dark blue always goes well with white or cream trim, but can easily be pair it with many other colours to produce unique and interesting styles. For instance, pair it with lighter blues to create a tranquil, oceanic paradise. However, if you want to give your room a funky, modern flare, combine your dark blue with bright yellow! 

Contact us if you need help thinking of all the ways that you can play with colour pairings.  We are happy to assist you in choosing the perfect versatile backdrop to any room and any style.


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