Your kitchen backsplash is almost as important as your countertops in acting as a personal piece. The look you decide to give the space between your countertop and the cabinets above the range is very important as it’s a major focal point. Often, lots of people overlook this important aspect of the kitchen and leave the planning and picking of it to the end.

Mix Materials and Match Colours

Countertops and lighting often dictate the style and materials used in your backsplash. Often, mixing tiles will give you a very interesting look. Try combining different tiles with metallic finishes such as brushed stainless steel, antique brass, and oil rubbed bronze.

Be Aware of the High Impact Zone

Above the range and the sink lies the most prominent area of your backsplash as it pertains the most visible space. Choose something showier if the rest of your kitchen is a little bit dull. Typically, the area is around 2 by 3 feet and is a prime area to play around with colours and patterns. It’s not too big so if you want to swap out a look later down the road, you can do so by changing this area and not having to rip out the rest of your backsplash.

Consider Wear and Tear

Kitchens are prone to getting dirty and surfaces are subject to constant cleaning and wiping so naturally, durability is a concern. Stainless steel is very practical durability wise but gets dirty very easily with the oils from cooking. You should also be aware if abrasives will scratch the surface of it. Generally speaking, any type of tile is okay as long as porous materials such as cork are sealed. With sealants, any mess can be wiped off easily.

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