With spring in the air, you may find your home improvement thoughts turning outdoors. Perhaps your list of home painting projects is short and sweet, or maybe you need to hire a painter to tackle a long list of painting projects! Either way, here is a pro painters list of the most popular spring exterior home painting projects that can spruce things up for the coming year

Advice From Our Pro Painters:

We are here to help with advice from our pro painters.

1. Exterior Home Painting Overhaul

When it comes to outdoor home painting projects, nothing is more overwhelming. Yet more important, than a few new coats of paint to protect your home’s exterior. If chipping, cracking and fading indicate that this is your year to paint. Do not wait until the temperature rises and our pro painters are booked up. If you are having trouble deciding between color schemes we have the expertise and experience to help. And as always this service is free for all home painting project bookings!


2. Front Door Do-Over

If the body of your home’s exterior is in good shape, but you find yourself longing for fresh new color, consider a new paint colour “do-over” for your front door. Using a bright or bold colour on your door can enhance the curb appeal of your home. Because it will make your door the focal point as it was designed to be.


3. Patio Pop

Bring colours outside to create an outdoor oasis for your home’s patio or deck that will beckon you to unwind all summer long. If you have drab, dated outdoor furniture, spruce it up with a few coats of paint. Then add some new toss pillows or an exterior rug. Not only will this raise your curb (and backyard) appeal, but it will also enhance your summer lifestyle, by giving you an outdoor entertaining space for barbecues and neighborhood get-togethers.


4. Tidy Your Trim

Wood trim needs to be regularly repainted to keep it protected. Updating your trim also allows it to frame your home with the aesthetic charm it deserves. You can stick with your existing exterior paint colour or go in a new direction by trying new exterior colour schemes. If you check out some of your neighborhood’s most stunning homes, you may notice they are going beyond classic white on their exterior trim and fascia.


5. Shutter Swap

Does your home have shutters? If the colour or style of your home’s shutters do not match the design and architecture of your home, repainting or replacing them will go a long way in boosting the curb appeal of your home. Be sure to use an outdoor home painting colour that works with the existing colours of your siding, stucco and woodwork.

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