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Simple Kitchen Restyling in Surrey BC

Simple Kitchen Restyling in Surrey BC

Simple Kitchen Restyling: Repainting

Are you looking for a simple kitchen restyling? Whether you are considering a full remodel of your kitchen or a modest facelift, M.C. Painting & Renovation can handle your needs and deliver the results you’re looking for.

This kitchen above was a stained maple and 12 years old. A Simple kitchen restyling with door repainting along with new handles and a few minor touches made all the difference.

Benefits of Restyling Kitchen Cabinets?

The benefits of choosing kitchen cabinets restyling instead of other options such as replacing them with new cabinets. One of the biggest reasons to restyle your kitchen cabinets is the cost. It costs about half as much as replacing existing cabinets. It takes way less time to do too. Another plus to only doing cabinet restyling is that you can still use your kitchen while working on the cabinets. Last but not least,giving your cabinets a fresh new look is a more environmentally friendly approach. Plus it does not add to the landfill.

Be sure to keep in mind that restying your kitchen cabinets won’t miraculously fix a bad kitchen design!

4 R’s of Kitchen Restyling – Repainting, Refinishing, Refacing and Renovating.

What are your kitchen cabinbets restyling options? Is it affordable and how long does it takes? You want to know more about the 4 R’s of Kitchen Renovations – Repainting, refinishing, refacing and renovating? Visit our other Kitchen Reno Blogs for further information.

Thinking about a Professional Kitchen Cabinets Restyling?

M.C. Painting & Renovation is a full service kitchen renovation contractor for all your reno projects. All client’s projects are handled professionally from the design stage to completion. We have an outstanding reputation and A+ rating from BBB. For more information contact us today! For a free consultation in the area of South Surrey, White Rock, or South of the Fraser River BC.


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17. June 2017

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