The latest research shows Canadians are big believers in home remodelling and decor. Over 40% of us plan to remodel or renovate our homes in the next two years. As we have mentioned several times on this blog, bathrooms and kitchens are the top targets for home remodelling and start with flooring.

Home Remodelling is a Solid Investment

Home remodelling makes us feel good with new decor and is a solid investment in our nest eggs for the future. Here in British Columbia, we spend an average of $22,000 on a single home renovation. Given time on the market, that $22,000 can easily double or triple in return on investment.

While bathroom renovations are the top ticket for home renovations, the TOP of the top is the flooring.

Most popular floor types

The type of floor in your home remodelling project could make a significant difference! It all depends on your space and what you want to do with it, so it’s very important to look at all types of flooring before deciding.

Marble Flooring

Marble tiles can be used for your floors and walls. These tiles are one of the most versatile tiles to use. Marble tiles are easily maintained and cleaned. They come in a wide range of variating colours and sizes.

Take care: Marble can discolour.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is easy to maintain and one of the cheapest available flooring types. This flooring provides a durable surface that can resist scratches and chipping. It is an appropriate solution for high-traffic areas and comes in various designs and colours. Take care: laminate flooring can be scratched and can not be refinished. Laminate flooring is also prone to warping if in contact with water or prolonged moisture.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tile is used as floor tiles indoors and as countertops. These tiles with an unglazed finish are perfect for outdoor flooring due to their reliability in dealing with standing water. They are the best alternative when flooring requires waterproofing. Porcelain tile is the go-to interior tile choice and comes in an infinite amount of styles, colours and qualities.
Take care: low-quality tiles may chip.

Cork Flooring

Cork is an excellent choice for there is a desire for comfortable walking and standing. Especially for play areas or commercial spaces. Cork flooring can be an expensive flooring material depending on the colour and the material characteristics.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood comes in Oak, Pine, Birch, Walnut, Maple, Pecan, Beech, Cherry and many more woods. This type of flooring is long-lasting and wear-resistant. It can also be refinished. Hardwood flooring continues to dominate as the most popular type of flooring. We will now get into more details about hardwood characteristics and some of its unique varieties.

Hardwood Flooring – Great Choice!

Hardwood floors allow for a classy, structurally sound, solid feel wherever installed. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring for your home. Hardwood flooring is straightforward to install. It is less of a hassle for everyone involved when compared to installing other kinds of floors. Hardwood flooring has many appearances, with options of colour, styles, stains, and wood species. Once installed, solid wood floors are low maintenance and easy to clean, resulting in a fresh new look for a long time.

High-quality materials combined with high-quality installation will ensure that your hardwood floors last for generations, increasing your property’s value. Some other benefits of having hardwood floors are the great acoustic properties and better indoor air quality. A well-installed hardwood floor will not vibrate and not have a hollow sound. There are no fibres, embossing, or grout lines to trap dust, particles, dander and other allergens, so hardwood flooring offers clean air for allergy sufferers and everyone in general. Whether it’s high foot traffic areas or the general space inside your house, hardwood floors are a great option in terms of quality, durability, looks, and ease of mind.

Some Unique Hardwood Varieties

Are you tired of only choosing from the “regular” Hardwood floor choices such as Oak or Maple? Looking for something different for your home renovation project? Below are some unique and uncommon choices that can potentially match your room!


This Japanese-styled floor is great and allows for a cooler feeling in a room. Similarly, it’s the same type of flooring that you might find in some sushi restaurants. This traditional type of flooring is usually seen as a series of wood mats in a Japanese-style room that is twice the width in length.


Scandinavian floors are sleek and simple, perfect to match Scandinavian furniture. Usually built using wide and light wood planks, it gives off a different feel than traditional wood floors. They can either be found waxed or unfurnished.


Beginning in the 1980′s, bamboo floors emerged as a popular choice in China. Aside from its clean look, it’s best known for being a great eco-friendly choice. Made from slicing bamboo, flattening, and varnishing, it looks as great as other hardwood floors.

Take care: Bamboo flooring should not be left wet.

Softwood Flooring

Softwoods can provide just the desired feel for those looking for a rustic look. Whether you use Douglas Fir or another softwood, the result is a rough cabin-like look with virtually zero maintenance. This look isn’t for everyone, but if a rustic look is desired, softwoods provide an outstanding finish second to no others.

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