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Your Renovation Contractors

M.C. Painting & Renovation Ltd. has been doing renovations in the Lower Mainland since 1987.  In this time, we have successfully developed into full service home renovation contractors in Surrey, BC. All client projects are handled professionally from the design stage to completion with absolutely no hassles. Our company’s one-on-one service ensures the highest standards of workmanship with a timely “no hassle” completion to all projects.

Time Management and Quality

Time management is a key element to our success and how we run our renovation business. We do not overlap projects, and we always deliver quality. All of our staff are fully qualified with a minimum of 5 years experience in their field of expertise.

Professional Home Renovation Experience

Renovation Project Manager Frank Teixeira heads all of our home renovation projects. Frank’s skills are unsurpassed in the field of renovation work. 39 years of professional home renovation experience speaks for itself! 

Our Project Manager, Jason Hurst-Dand, heads our paint division.  Jason is a Master Painter/Decorator with 20 years of painting experience, and Jason has a keen eye for detail in all aspects of finishing work.

Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” At the age of 13 the Company owner (Doug Cheetham) did just that. Doug first started out by deciding to paint addresses on neighbours’ curbs for $10 a piece. Before he knew it Doug was painting sheds, door steps and doing various other household maintenance projects in his neighborhood. Holding onto that drive,  Doug opened his first company,  which eventually became what is now M.C. Painting & Renovation Ltd.  “It has been 37 productive and satisfying years since the day I decided to work in home repair. Still to this day I find it so rewarding to help people realize their design ideas and dreams”

Outstanding Reputation

Doug always suplies a full team of employees to implement all of the house renovation projects. However he prides himself on being on site from start to finish to facilitate all of the clients needs.  M.C. Painting & Renovation boasts an outstanding reputation free of complaints.

We realize that clear and detailed communication is essential to building a good relationship with each client. Helping each client feel informed and at ease is our goal at every turn. Thank you for getting to know a little bit more about us. We pride ourselves in being one of the renovation companies with the best reputation in the industry. If you’re interested in discussing your renovation project in detail and getting a free estimate please contact us today!

Most Common Questions About Renovation Contractors

Over the last 32 years we have dedicated ourselves to doing the best home renovations in Surrey. We have built a 5 star reputation as being one of the best renovation contractors in Surrey, BC to hire. We realize that while each home renovation project is unique and special, many of the questions people have when deciding to do a house renovation are the same.

We found that in order to complete the right renovation for you. The majority of people need answers to the same core questions. So we have outlined the most common questions we get asked about doing a home renovation for you here:


In what way are you better than your competitors?
From the first consult to the completed renovation, we do our job better, plain and simple. Our reputation is outstanding and speaks for itself.
Will there be a detailed proposal in writing?
Always. After your first on-site consult with Doug, we will send you a detailed proposal that very same day.
Do you have trained estimators?
Doug himself, estimates every single renovation. You can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with our company’s owner from start to finish of your home reno.
What are the conditions regarding the guarantee?
At MC Painting and Renovation, we don’t believe in small print. Your contract with us will be straight-forward, clear and simple. Each contract will cover the proposed work, payment schedule, guarantees and warranty.
Are you competitive in pricing?
Our pricing is always fair and competitive with “qualified companies”. We do not offer price matching.
How is pricing calculated?

For Renovation Projects we base our pricing on a simple Labor and Material model. Costs change on each unique Renovation Project however.
All Interior painting projects are based on a square foot model, which starts at $2.50/SF. Each Exterior Paint Project is priced out on an individual labor and material model.

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