Transforming your kitchen or bathroom into the living space of your dreams can undoubtedly be stressful. Here are some tips on how to avoid unnecessary stress during your renovation.

Work with a professional contractor

First off, find a professional and easy to deal with the contractor by getting leads from family and/or friends in your area. Make sure to check references and don’t be afraid to ask questions! You want to know how the contractor will manages your budget, how much professional experience they have and what the quality of their work looks like.

Give your dreams a reality check

Next step, reality check. Your cellar probably can’t be transformed into that sun-filled, loft-like retreat you have envisioned in your dreams.  But, don’t despair, there are a lot of other ideas and dreams out there you haven’t even thought of, yet. Why not browse through renovation magazines and blogs to help you find more realistic dreams.

A reasonable renovation budget is key

A reasonable budget is a must for every renovation. Come up with a budget that leaves at least 10 percent for unplanned expenses. Be prepared with a little financial buffer for a potential change of plans or other accidental surprises. To help you draft a reasonable budget visit showrooms for pricing and/or have your contractor give you an estimate.


To help yourself avoid unnecessary stress consider expanding your timeline. Sometimes unexpected circumstances can put your renovation on hold. Imported material stuck at the border or the perfect shade of granite no longer being in stock is not uncommon and out of your hands. With a little extra time on your side, you don’t need to stress or compromise.

There will be a mess

Finally, a mess is an ugly yet unavoidable by-product of any renovation. The key is for you not to worry or stress about it too much because most contractors include a basic cleanup after the renovation is completed. If you have the money left in your budget, you may want to consider hiring a heavy-duty cleanup crew. This will definitely avoid stress and make your newly renovated dream space a lot more enjoyable.

It seems like stress while renovating is inevitable but we can help ease the pain. Ask us how! 

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