Some painter’s ideas for a spring repainting.

Say farewell to Winter and hello to Spring!

Installing fresh new coats of paint on the exterior of your house may very well be the fastest method to invigorate the atmosphere of your everyday surroundings. The paint on the outside of your house gets affected by heat, rain, cold, pollution and changing weather conditions. As a result, the paint fades, loses sheen, blisters, and looks dull over time. Paint on the walls inside your house may also fade and get marked up over time. Normally, the paint will retain its good looks for about five to six years inside, and about 10 years outside.

Inspecting your Homes Exterior Paint

How can you tell if it is time for an exterior home paint job?

  1. If You can see the wood (or substrate) coming through in places due to paint peeling.
  2. Did You use cheap paint the last time and it’s already showing the wear and tear of the weather?
  3. Paint looks like alligator skin – it’s dried out and won’t get any better!
  4. You are bored with the look or color of your home.
  5. Your paint is fading and a “chalk” reside is appearing.
  6. Save yourself costly repairs and paint before the wood or substrate gets damaged. (Very easy to happen in our climate!)
  7. Prevent damage! Don’t wait till the house looks tired.

Prevent damage and give your home the TLC it deserves.

Having your exterior Repainting done properly and in a timely fashion is an important homeowner decision. Consider reading our Pro Painter Tips and Tricks for the Exterior of Your House

Repainting DIY or Professional Painting Contractor

There are many ways to go about re-applying paint to your home. You can always take matters into your own hands by painting yourself. The other route is to hire a professional painting contractor to take care of all your painting needs. A professional contractor can tell you exactly what hour homes requirements are and also tell you exactly when the best time to repaint is.

M.C. Renovation & Painting has prided itself in coordinating and executing exterior paint projects for over 38 years.

Our model is simple

Our first visit will be to listen to your plans, your ideas and your budget. Included in the visit is a complimentary consultation with Doug Cheetham, the company owner, who has been in the business here in White Rock/South Surrey for 38 years. Therefor Doug will advise you on all aspects of the project, including the total cost.



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