Should you consider Subfloor Heating for your Bathroom Renovation?

There’s nothing like setting foot in the bathroom on a cold winter morning to remind you that the seasons have changed and that the temperature has dropped! Somehow, hopping onto cold tiles makes the whole idea of an early morning shower, no matter how steaming hot, hugely unappealing. While heating options for ‘wet spaces’ have come a long way, there are still very few ‘instant fixes’ for turning your bathroom from frosty to cozy quickly and easily.

Enter Subfloor Heating

Subfloor heating is an option that used to be written off by homeowners and bathroom remodelers in Surrey due to its high costs, which cancelled out the range of benefits. Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy keeping our toes toasty, subfloor heating is now an affordable possibility!

Very Clever Way of Heating a Bathroom

M.C. Painting & Renovation has witnessed the rise in popularity of subfloor heating with our clients over the last 10 years. This form of heat is not just a solution for a warmer floor; it actually is a very clever way to warm the entire bathroom. Unlike overhead heat and heat lamps that provide a blast of heat from the ceiling, subfloor heating is generated from the floor up. Because hot air rises, the warmth is distributed at a constant temperature more evenly and efficiently. This means that the room warms up quickly and stays warm.

Starting of Bathroom Renovation

The start of a bathroom renovation is the ideal time to consider whether subfloor heating may work for your project. If you’re about to start your bathroom renovation, considering this heat delivery system will allow you to have the best heat option available. Especially at present, this option is more affordable than ever!

What heat source you choose comes down to the existing heat issues in the remodelled space, your budget, and the materials being used for the renovation.

Thinking about a Professional Bathroom Renovation?

If you’re considering subfloor heating, speak with M.C. Painting & Renovation to see whether it might work for your project. We can always approximate what the costs will be. The prices for this heat source vary quite a bit. But our proven install and product section guarantees the best value for your bathroom-remodelling project.

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