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Kitchen Cabinets Renovations Ideas

Are you looking for kitchen cabinets renovations ideas? You are ready for kitchen renovations. There are several ways to enhance the beauty of your cabinets and kitchen space!

These upgrades are known as the four R’s of kitchen renovations!


repainted white kitchen cabinets in a kitchen renovations project

The simplest kitchen cabinets renovations method is to repaint the existing cabinets by hand. Simply remove all of the doors and hardware from the cabinets and then proceed with any repairs on the cabinets and doors. When complete, sand out the repairs to a finish grade. Once you are ready for paint application it is advised that a good primer sealer be used. Apply the coatings in thin even layers, first coat being the primer and the subsequent coatings in the finished product. Hang the doors back on the cabinets and you are finished!

This procedure is most often used on older cabinets where budgetary concerns are paramount for your kitchen cabinets renovations.


kitchen cabinet refinishers at work on a cabinet front

Kitchen cabinets refinishers provide another method of achieving similar results as repainting. Kitchen cabinets refinishers provide a factory finish on all of the removable components. Refinishing your cabinets ensures a perfect smooth surface on the doors and removable components. This procedure requires a professional spray paint application in a dust free environment. You can also fill in the handle holes and free up your choices for new handles or pulls!

Your kitchen is in great shape, but your old colour is dated, kitchen cabinets refinishers will provide an option you may want to consider!


cabinet refacing project in kitchen renovations

Kitchen Cabinets refacing is the same as refinishing cabinets, except that all of the doors and removable components are now replaced with new product. Cabinet refacing opens up a whole new world of possibilities in kitchen cabinets renovations. A homeowner has thousands of options for door styles that suit your goals and home décor. Kitchen Cabinets refacing is the kitchen renovation choice for those homeowners who do not want a full renovation, but want the best look possible.

Full Kitchen Renovations

full kitchen cabinets renovations

The fourth R is full kitchen renovations. This is the best way to achieve the results you desire. A full kitchen renovation is more time consuming however, and requires the replacement of the complete kitchen, including the cabinetry. Your kitchen renovation ideas involve a completely new look then a full kitchen renovation is probably in your future plans.


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