Are you thinking about renovating and do you need renovation inspiration? This blog will take you through the most basic projects people decide to tackle around their homes.

Painting the House!

The quickest and least expensive “quick” renovating improvement you can do to your living space is to paint it. Adding a fresh palette to the walls always freshens up the space. A clean new look is always great, and you can stay trendy with the new “in style” colors of the day!

Update Your Existing Flooring.

Flooring is very easy to change and is a relatively quick solution to give your home a new feel. Even if you decide on a small change such as the type of wood you use for your flooring, it will change the way you and your guests perceive a room. Keep in mind what the room will be used for before choosing the flooring, for example, you might want carpet in a nursery or easy to clean wood floors in the kitchen and throughout the common spaces of the home. Having Wood floors may be a bit more costly than carpet, but the cleanliness and upgrade are both healthy and a great investment in your home’s value!

Swapping Out Your Lights!

Tired of your existing lighting? Changing some of the lightings can dramatically alter the look and feel of a space in your home. Nowadays, recessed lighting is a very popular choice. Paired with some ambient lighting, recessed lighting makes for a very elegant solution, not taking up visual space, and illuminating the area properly. Be sure to have a professional electrician install the lighting systems selected as they need to be compatible with your old wiring!

Renovating Kitchen Counter-tops and add an Island.

Countertops have the ability to add the most personality to a kitchen. The option of only changing the counter-tops (instead of all the cabinets) can dramatically change the feel and look of the kitchen without breaking the bank. There an infinite amount of options available for countertops. Modern quartz tops are al the rage now- they provide ease of cleaning with super-tough durability and virtually no maintenance.

Should you have the space when renovating, considering adding an island. This practical addition can serve as a good place for guests to congregate, and it also adds working space that is always desirable!

Appliance Replacement.

Swapping out old appliances with new ones can be costly, but the work involved is relatively minor. This upgrade can dramatically change the look of a space, and new appliances give you more efficient energy consumption.

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