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13 Tips to Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation

  1. What is the size of the present bathroom design?  Do you like the size overall, or should we begin from the basics and increase or decrease the square footage?
  2. Do you have the wall construction to allow for the special changes you want?
  3. Is the space you have properly utilized?
  4. What if you changed the location of the shower, the toilet?
  5. Is it time to add a bathtub?
  6. Would you like more than one sink?
  7. Do you want to consider a shower made for two?
  8. What about your lighting?  Is your shower more like a cave where you shower in the dark?
  9. What about doing make-up?  Would you want a built in vanity
  10. Have you considered a bathtub that has a door for easy access for those needed physical assistance?
  11. Do you want tile for the bathroom floor?
  12. Have you considered adding a window, even a patio door to the bathroom?
  13. Maybe the bathroom could attach to the walk-in closet?
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