This particular modern west coast kitchen project was completed in the summer of 2019. The kitchen was completely transformed from its existing layout. Originally, the room contained walls dividing it from the hallway and the sitting room. The entire project was predicated on opening up space, modernizing the area, and creating a “Great Room” for a family space feeling.

Initial demolition

Step one was the initial demolition. A long hallway partition wall system that divided the room had to be removed. Next, all electrical servicing the hallway was re-routed for additional lighting, such as ceiling pots, pendants and various outlet services.

Subsequently, the ceiling was redone to include additional insulation protection and re-drywalled to remove the dated textured ceiling look. Furthermore, the sub-floor was pulled out to install Roxul insulation between the floor levels for soundproofing.

Artisan built custom kitchen

After the initial stages of the open concept layout was completed, new modern Artisan built custom kitchen was installed. As with all of our kitchens, it was built from solid wood with soft close doors and drawers on all openings. Although fairly big, this new space has a warm feeling. Particularly, the island, with its soft brown color, eases the eye towards the nail down solid wood flooring.

Entertainment area

Harmoniously, the new layout serves the space perfectly as an entertainment area with ample island seating. Clean lines to both ends of the home and the Great Room complete the look. The final touches were the country kitchen sink and the thicker “Mitered” countertops.

If you would like some more information this or any of our other project, please give us a shout!

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