Winter Renovations for South Surrey White Rock Weather

Homeowners are sometimes hesitant to do winter renovations.  The early spring and summer sunshine and long summer days usually trigger the renovation bug and imagination.  But don’t underestimate the rich rewards of winter renovations.  You can save some money (as contractors may have more time), get things done quicker, and enjoy the benefits of renovations that keep you warm and toasty.

Winter renovations can include:

A new fireplace and hearth – Have you checked out the new BIO FLAME fireplace?  Believe it or not, it burns sugars!  Environmentally friendly, the BIO FLAME uses sustainable fuel that provides heat, a great open flame, and no spills or logs mess.   This is a good option as well for anyone with breathing problems.

Paint those walls – Some people worry about painting walls for winter renovations. With many of the paints now, there are no or very minimal issues with fumes.  When you live in rainy climates like our lower mainland communities, there is usually a concern about drying times and even mildew.  But with today’s paint formulations, and qualified painting crews who know what they are doing, have the right equipment and know-how to get a job done quickly, you need not worry.

MC Paint and Renovation has been painting homes for over 25 years.  Our reputation for quality and dependable guaranteed results speaks for itself.  If you want a refreshed look in your entire home or just a room or two, you needn’t worry about winter.  You will love your results.

Bathroom Renovations – When it’s freezing outside a hot bath with Jacuzzi jets can be the perfect finish to a long day.  Or if you prefer showers, the two main rain forest showers are a step away from it all.  Bathroom renovations are some of the best investments you can make in your home for resale value.  So why wait to sell and let someone else have all the pleasure?

Winter renovations are an alternative to the winter getaway.  You can spend your holiday money for one week in Mexico, or invest in your own home and enjoy the benefits every day when you get home, and again when it’s time to sell.

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