Winter renovation projects in Surrey and White Rock are not as popular or common as projects in the summer months. While it’s true that most Surrey homeowners prefer to schedule their home improvement in the summer, winter is an ideal time. First, your waiting time to hire a qualified renovation contractor in Surrey can be shorter as they tend to be less busy. Equally important, by ticking off these projects now, you can spend your summer months relaxing. Unless exterior work on your home is your next endeavour, winter renovations are a perfect way to save money, get things done quicker, and enjoy the benefits of renovations that keep you warm and toasty.

Where to start Winter Renovations?

Not sure where to start? That’s precisely what this blog post is for! Here are some renovation projects that are perfect for the winter season.

A New Fireplace and Hearth

Have you checked out the new BIO FLAME fireplace? Believe it or not, it burns sugar! Environmentally friendly, the BIO FLAME uses sustainable fuel that provides heat, a great open flame, and no spills or logs. This is also a good option for anyone with breathing problems.

Paint those Walls

Interior painting is a simple and inexpensive way to make a drastic change to any room. The dark winter months may inspire you to paint with lighter and brighter colours, giving your space a more modern and open feel. Unfortunately, many people worry about painting walls in the winter due to health concerns. However, with many of the paints now, there are no or very minimal issues with fumes. When you live in rainy climates like our lower mainland communities, there is usually a concern about drying times and mildew. But with today’s paint formulations and qualified painting crews (who know what they are doing), you need not worry.

M.C. Renovation & Painting has been painting homes for over 40years. Our reputation for quality and dependable, guaranteed results speaks for itself. You needn’t worry about winter if you want a refreshed look in your entire home or just a room or two. You will love your results.

Bathroom Renovations

When it’s freezing outside, a hot bath in a new fresh bathroom space can be the perfect end to a long day. If you prefer showers, entering a new custom-built shower space is a great feeling! Bathroom renovations are some of the best investments you can make in your home for resale value. Why wait to sell and let someone else have all the pleasure?

Crown Moulding

Crown mouldings are the perfect way to add character to your home and to give any space an upscale feel. What’s more, such a project is minimally invasive. The added “wow” factor makes crown moulding the perfect addition for your formal living spaces and areas used to entertain. A reputable Surrey renovation contractor will break down all your options and complete this small project in no time.

Light up your Space

Looking to light up your space in a new way? Updating your lighting can make a huge difference. Adding new lighting is a fairly inexpensive renovation that will make a noticeable difference in your home, especially with the help of an experienced renovation contractor. The sun may set early in the winter in Surrey, but a professional renovation contractor will have your home well-lit yearlong!

Flooring Projects

Tackling your floor projects is a great option in the winter months. Replacing worn or dated flooring brings a fresh new look to any space. A qualified renovation contractor will help you with products, colour choices and all aspects of a flooring change. If you are interested in hardwood flooring, read our flooring blog!

Your Winter Renovations Contractor

Doing the smallest of projects in the winter can deliver significant results. Often this time of year is optimal for a homeowner to get the projects desired done and completed without summer distractions.

Call M.C. Renovation & Painting today! Your trusted Surrey/White Rock Renovation Contractor for over 38 years.

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