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Below are 3 Kitchen Design Tips:

3 kitchen design tips, including finding the right height for the microwave, installing a sliding door to your dining area and making room for storage.

1. Finding the Right Height for the Microwave

One of 3 kitchen design tios is to place the microwave in the right height.

The correct height and location for a microwave oven may vary depending on the chef or the kid-friendly character of the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches above countertop level is a good microwave height. For kids, a below-countertop setup may be safer and more suitable.  There are also many options in terms of location, above the stove, above a wall oven, or built into your cabinets.  Source: BHG

2. Installing a Sliding Door

If you do have a dining area with a smaller kitchen, it is worth installing sliding doors or some form of a screen between your kitchen and dining areas. You can then reveal a beautifully laid table to guests and close the door on any after-dinner mess. Open-plan space can lead to a lack of surprise, which is a key element of good design and entertaining. With the sliding door open, the integrated dining and kitchen space will adapt perfectly to informal entertaining and weeknight family dinners. When closed, you can hide the kitchen away to create a more relaxed dinner party.  Source: Telegraph

3. Making Room for Storage

The biggest mistake people make at the planning stage is not allowing for enough storage.  Use every nook and cranny. Put overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling, rather than leaving a gap on top that collects dust. Consider deep drawers for easier access to pots and pans. Include enough storage for appliances that otherwise would clutter up countertops. If you have the allowable space, add a walk-in pantry to your design. A pantry not only works for food storage but can be a great place to also store small appliances.  Source: RD


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