Today’s economy precludes many of us from being able to afford to buy the new home of our dreams, but it doesn’t stop us from having that dream! A kitchen renovation project can transform a tired, outdated, or troublesome kitchen area and inspire the whole home’s look. . M.C. Painting & Renovation has implemented 100’s Kitchen Renovation projects in White Rock and South Surrey in the past 37 years, and we are a local leader in designing and installing these projects.

Of course, a hub in any house is the kitchen. People love to hang out when they cook, eat, drink, socialize and generally, most of the time spent in the home is in the kitchen area. So, a good investment in your home renovation project might start with a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovations

So many things can be done in the kitchen to bring proper functionality and a great design. Consider what your kitchen could look like if you did the following:

  • Take out a wall (or two) and open it to more of the house.
  • Change the location of the sink or the stove.
  • Create an island for more cooking space and seating – maybe even with a second sink for easy workspace flexibility.
  • Add a fireplace to the kitchen/ great room social area.
  • Build unique, functional, and/or updated cabinetry with a modern palette and style.
  • Update the overall colour scheme.

Your kitchen renovation contractor can offer you strategies to get what you desire. Most of all, a contractor will keep the costs within the budget.

One of the most versatile and beloved kitchen styles is the white kitchen. White kitchens blend into any home, whether warmed with wood or sparked with colour. Discover 3 reasons to love white kitchen reno’s and how to pull off the look in your own home:

1. White Kitchens are Timeless

Rollback a few years to get a handle on white’s popularity. In the 1920s and 1930s, white was the only colour manufacturers offered. Therefore, white was associated with sanitation and health, and household cleanliness was all-important to a population not far removed from a deadly worldwide flu epidemic. Even times have changed, but white’s healthy glow endures. The dirt just can’t hide in an all-white kitchen. Source: HouseLogic

2. Marketable

White kitchens are simply the top choice over the decades for a kitchen. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2013 annual survey. 67% of their respondents said that white was their first colour of choice regarding cabinetry. It is appealing to homeowners and buyers. Its universal simple beauty can make the kitchen even more attractive to potential home buyers. Source: MasseyTeam

3. Flexible

Temper an all-white kitchen with touches of other colours and textures. Incorporating white cabinets into your kitchen design will allow you to update the look of your kitchen without changing the cabinetry. Repainting the walls or purchasing new accessories in a different colour will create a new look. Check our blog about interior colour ideas. Source: Merillat

Custom Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are designed in many different styles with many distinct features. We pride ourselves on delivering the look you’re after. Whether it is a classic design, modern design, or something unique, we can deliver your vision. Therefore the kitchen above blended the “Coastal European” style with modern amenities.

White Rock​ Kitchen Renovations, Surrey BC

M.C. Painting & Renovation takes pride in offering our clients renovations that overdeliver. We have an A+ rating in over 37 years of business without ever complaining. We service the White Rock and South Surrey area and offer home renovations specializing in kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, home interior remodels,and exterior & interior painting. Calling and getting an estimate and some great ideas is at no cost. We hope to hear from you.

Thinking about a Professional White Kitchen Reno?

M.C. Painting & Renovation is a full-service kitchen renovation company for all your reno projects. All customer projects are handled professionally from the design stage to completion. On BBB, M.C. Renovation & Painting has an outstanding reputation and A+ rating. Please also look at our kitchen renovations, blogs, and client projects.

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