Old ways normally die hard, but the move towards a more sustainable approach to life, from toilets to garbage disposal, urban sprawl to water preservation, has been quickly etching into society. We now have many options for green home renovations, and it’s our pleasure at M.C.Painting & Renovation to highlight, hopefully educate, and partner with our clients to do our part for the future.

Doing Your Project in an Earth-Friendly Manner.

Below is a guide with the basic benefits of doing your project in a manner that respects the environment and the future.

  1. Your home looks beautiful.
  2. Your equity typically increases.
  3. Resale value increases.
  4. The home is healthier to live in.
  5. Your maintenance cost will decrease.
  6. Your utility bills will decrease.
  7. Your homes’ efficiency increases.
  8. You are preserving resources for future generations.
  9. Purchasing sustainable products lowers the costs for similar products for future purchasers.

Recycle Everything You Can!

From the very start of your demolition on your project, you can adopt a strategy that is green- Recycle Recycle!

  • From demolition recycle all materials applied.
  • Sell some of the re-usable products in the demolition! Extra money is always a bonus.
  • Remember, most communities offer roadside once a year custom garbage pickup for large items. Use it!
  • Building materials and packaging from the new renovation. Always keep in mind to recycle as much as you can, everyone knows how much garbage a renovation generates!

M.C. Paint and Renovations has been serving the White Rock and South Surrey area for over 30 years. We provide class A work with attention to the details and customer service you have a right to expect when doing your Green Home Renovations. We are happy to consult with you on the latest products and styles to best suit your lifestyle and green home objectives.