This small rancher was an interior home re-model in 2019. Built in the 1970’s, the one-story South Surrey home was in its original shape. Having never been renovated previously, we found the building structurally very sound.

Moving vs a major interior home facelift

The homeowners debated moving vs a major facelift. But ultimately decided in favour of an interior home re-model. Having lived in a home and a neighbourhood they’ve loved for over 23 years our clients chose to stay. The project was being done in two phases. Phase one was the interior home re-model last summer. Phase two, the exterior, will begin later this year.

Gutting the house down to the studs

Basically, gutting the house down to the studs is how we started this interior home re-model. A vaulted roof area in the living room was opened up after our crew re-framed where applicable. All new electrical and plumbing and gas was roughed in to service the new renovations. Furthermore, the original house really lacked proper insulation. Needless to say, we installed insulation where required to create the missing vapor barrier. The entire attic was insulated, plus new windows were installed.

Modest but most effective

Said interior re-model was a modest but most effective one. New flooring was put in, drywalls were installed, modern moldings placed and fresh paint applied. On top of that, two new gas fireplaces were added as well. As already mentioned above, the windows were swapped out and new coverings installed.

Up-to-date kitchen and new bathrooms

Obviously, no interior home re-model is complete without installing an up-to-date kitchen and new bathrooms. Nothing will take your home out of the 70’s and into this decade like a modern twist on, sinks, cabinets and hardware. Next to a state-of-the-art kitchen, two brand-new bathrooms were installed to make this home not just modern but also more efficient.

Proper lighting will make a huge difference

Never underestimate the power of brightness. Proper lighting will make a huge difference in your interior home re-model. All lighting was recessed making the entire home look bigger, more inviting as well as modern.

A new home in the spot you already love

If you, like our clients, want a new home in the spot you already love, give us a call. We have re-modeled dozens of rancher homes over the years. The one level concept of a rancher modified into a modern design seems to be as desirable now as it has been in the past.

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