With winter finally giving way to more pleasant weather, it’s prime time for exterior house painting.

Follow these Tips and Tricks from our Pro Painters!

Start by making a careful visual inspection of the entire exterior of your house. Exterior house painting pulls some tough duty having to stand up to winter weather. Freeze-thaw cycles and continuous rain can cause the paint to fail over time, especially if it isn’t a top-quality coating. Don’t delay looking things over.

Start your inspection by searching for peeling or flaking paint on your siding and trim. If you see signs of trouble, note whether the problem is confined to a small area, or is widespread. That will help determine whether you can get by with some touch-up painting, or whether you need to consider repainting the entire exterior.

You can easily deal with small trouble spots by scraping off any loose paint that you see. Then sanding the edges smooth. Apply a top quality primer wherever bare wood shows through. When the primer dries, brush on one or two coats of your leftover touch-up paint. By following this regimen, you may buy some time. If your paint is failing in many places, however, that’s a different story. Very likely, you’ll have to paint the entire exterior. And, in that case, there are some really good reasons to put things in motion right away. Follow these pro painter tips and tricks and check our blog about DIY or Painting company.

DIY Painting or a Pro Painter Company?

Should you decide to do your own painting, you’ll find it much more pleasant and comfortable to do surface preparation and painting in springtime, when the weather is mild. Your paint might even last longer if you apply it now. That’s because exterior paint tends to cure better in moderate temperatures, creating an especially tough and durable paint film.

Even if you plan to hire a pro painter company, there’s a reason to act fast. Painting contractors book up quickly at this time of year, and it’s smart to get on their schedule as soon as you can. Whoever does the work, there’s another big advantage to painting in springtime. So that you can enjoy your home’s freshly painted appearance all summer long when you and your guests spend the most time outdoors. And don’t get the idea that springtime is just for exterior painting. It’s also a great time to do some painting inside the home. When the weather is mild, you can throw open the windows, enjoy the sounds of spring, and paint in perfect comfort.

If you’re primed for some springtime home painting, keep one last thing in mind: Whether you’re painting your home’s interior, exterior, or both, be sure to use only the highest quality paint. Top-quality coatings made with 100% acrylic are the best assurance that your new paint job will continue to look good and perform well for many springs to come!


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