Surprisingly, committing to one single kitchen design style can in fact be rather tough. Therefore, a transitional kitchen design approach to remodeling is loved by many homeowners. Undoubtedly, this mix of styles allows for a streamlined look yet leaves the kitchen modern, with a dash of personality.

Style blend of transitional kitchens

A transitional kitchen is a simplified version of the more ornate traditional style blend with the modern, more streamlined design. Skillfully, this concept uses elements of both models, however foregoing the fancier and more elaborate details of the traditional kitchen. Actually, the transitional kitchen look favours clean lines and simple cabinet door styles, while mixing textures and finishes. M.C. Painting & Renovation recommends starting with a few basic elements to get the look:

Cabinet doors

When choosing cabinet doors think simple, such as Shaker-style cabinets. They offer clean lines and a timeless feel. The ease of the design makes Shaker doors ideal for contemporary as well as country-style kitchens. A natural wood-stain finish gives it a traditional look while a more modern vibe can be achieved using paint.


Functional knobs and streamlined handles should be chosen over more intricate hardware. Your handles should be stylish as well as functional. Definitely, the right hardware adds the final element to your kitchen.

Countertop edges

Countertop edges are a small detail that makes a big difference. Eased countertop edges instead of elaborate styles are favoured. An eased countertop has rounded square edges. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but are also great for safety, making them a popular choice.

Transitional Countertop materials

Evidently, the transitional countertop materials are all about simplicity, while incorporating neutral colours and elements. Think quartz, marble, granite, and wood, or even concrete!


The finished look of molding used in a transitional kitchen design is a must. Think of molding the way you might think of framing a painting. By choosing a simple molding style over multiple layered ones you will get a less ornate appearance.


For a truly transitional look, select a simple backsplash with minimal colour. The right backsplash tiles can transform the feel of your entire kitchen.


If desired, add some open shelving. This is a great way to break the space up nicely and it will accent the depth and utility of the room.

With these basics design ideas in mind, play around with your kitchen’s layout to create a unique look that you will love. Mix and match any of the concepts above, as they all work beautifully in a transitional kitchen. For more design ideas read our Design Tips for Kitchens blog.

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